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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The "Lesser Light" Mocked


Solemnity of the Glorious Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Body and Soul, 
into Heaven 

"In the beginning God placed in the heavens two lights. The one, because of its great brilliance, was called the greater light; the other was named the lesser - the greater one to enlighten and govern the day, the lesser to enlighten and govern the night [Gen. 1.16]. For, though our Creator willed that there should be changes of day and night, and that the shades of night should succeed the brightness of day, being Light Himself [Jn. 1.5] He did not will that darkness and night should remain completely devoid of light. Having created the greater light to govern the day, He created a lesser light to govern the night so that the obscurity of the night's darkness might be tempered by means of its brightness.

This same God, with His holy Providence, determining to create the spiritual world of His Church, placed over it as in a divine vault of Heaven two great lights: one greater, the other lesser. The greater is His Son Jesus Christ our Savior and Master, abyss of light, source of splendor, true Sun of justice [Heb. 1.3; Mal. 3.20]. The lesser is the most holy Mother of this great Son, all-glorious Mother, all resplendent and truly more beautiful than the moon [Cant. 6.10].

Now, this greater Light came here upon earth. The Son of God assumed our human nature. He is the true Sun which comes over our hemisphere and makes the light and the day - happy day, so long desired, which lasted for about 33 years, during which He enlightened the land of the Church by the radiance of His miracles, example, teachings, and holy words! But at length when the hour came in which this precious Sun must set and take its radiance to the other hemisphere of the Church, Heaven and the angelic hosts, what could be expected but the obscurity of a dark night? And the night came all too quickly after the day. What were so many afflictions and persecutions which came upon the Apostles but a night?

But this night had also its light which brightened it so that the darkness was more tolerable. For the Blessed Mother remained on earth among the disciples and the faithful" (St. Francis de Sales, Sermon on this day in 1602).

And even now that the "lesser light" has been united to its "greater light" in eternal glory in Heaven, She would return for the Church on earth would be engulfed still with darkness and, as the Light Himself foretold, after the Great Tribulation, in dreadfully bitter darkness* when the Sun, Jesus Christ and His Gospel, and the moon, the Church in the Apocalyptic language of the Eternal Word, would be obscured (St. Augustine, in our post The Great Tribulation), cf. Mt. 24.29, starting from Rome (cf., "Lumen fidei - a 'faith' or the Catholic Faith?"). The "lesser light" pointed to the necessity of the conversion of Russia to the Catholic Faith with its consecration to the Immaculate Heart by the Holy Father, together with all the Catholic Bishops, in a public solemn ceremony (cf., our post "When Mary Comes... III") if Rome were to stand fast as that Sion from where the Lord... [sends] forth the sceptre of [His] power: [ruling] in the midst of [His] enemies (Ps. 109.2, from the Office of Vespers for today's great Feast of Our Immaculate Mother's glorious triumph - body and soul).
* Cf., the prediction of Card. Pacelli who became Pope Pius XII in our post Abominatio Desolationis; see also our posts The Great Sign in Heaven and "The Year 1929".

"Our Lady did not ask for the consecration of the 'world' to Her Immaculate Heart... She demanded specifically... the consecration of Russia" (Sr. Lucia, C.D., in Prof. Thomas Walsh, Our Lady of Fatima, p. 221). The Neo-Catholic Vatican (the Vatican according to the Communist propaganda, cf., our post "The Year That Was 1929" link above) issued in 1988 an anonymous 'order' [of course, from the desk of the bastard 'Cardinal' - Angelo Sodano - a Freemason in ecclesiastical trappings then the Cardinal State Secretary] which runs in contradiction to the spontaneous departure by Pope John Paul II in his last Papal 'consecration' of 1984 (cf., our post "When Mary Comes... III" link above). Now, after all the dumb Neo-Catholic Vatican 'order' and the clear and precise indications to the contrary, the 'Pontifex' is to make a consecration of the "WORLD" again on 13th October - the very day our "lesser light" manifested Herself as that Great Sign... in heaven... clothed with the Sun (Apoc. 12.1, from the Introit of today's Mass). But God is not mocked (Gal. 6.7)! We wonder if that day would be a 'showdown' between the God of silence and the 'Pontifex' who has now been going full blast* with the Russian-inspired (cf., our post "Upheaval: Russia's Errors Spreading from the Vatican") Neo-Catholic madness!
* Cf., 'Pontifex' Succumbs to the Roman Gay Lobby, Lumen fidei - a 'faith' or the Catholic Faith? - link above, 'Pontifex' Proclaims the Neo-Catholic 'Gospel' of 'Universal Salvationism', and Desacralization

[Prevent] our ruin in the presence of our God (Jdt 13.25)!
Arise, fair and beautiful... Daughter of Jerusalem,
terrible as an army array (Cant. 6.3)!

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