And Elias, the prophet, stood up, as a fire, and his word burnt like a torch (Ecclesiasticus. 48.1, DRV)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Now My Turn" - "Eternal Face to Face"


Feast of All the Saints of the Order

Draw me and we will run (Cant. 1.3)… “until the shadows having disappeared [we] may be able to tell You of [our] Love in an Eternal Face to Face” (St. Therese, “Act of Oblation to Merciful Love”).

Draw me… “The Most Holy Virgin [of Carmel] alone,” says St. Francis de Sales, “was the first to be drawn by the Heavenly Spouse to consecrate and dedicate Herself totally to His service.” 

We will run. “But,” continues the holy Doctor, “as soon as She was drawn She drew a host of souls who offered themselves [as a most pleasing oblation] to God, to advance under Her sacred protection” in the observance of a perfect intimacy with Her Beloved Crucified possible in this exile – quenching the “heavenly Fiance’s thirst” (St. Therese, in her letters, 98): My child, give Me thy heart (Pr. 23.26). Ever since Our Glorious Immaculate Queen Beauty of Carmel led the way it has always been filled with souls who come to follow after Her standard, striving under the authority of this most tender yet most zealous Patron, Doctor, and Mother of Carmel against all kinds of enemies for the glory of the Name of Her Crucified: zelo zelatus sum pro Domino Deo exercituum, as the Prophet Elias declared on Mount Carmel which has since then become part of the coat of arms of Carmel.

“Until the shadows having disappeared…” Thus how they lived, they did not seek joy, delight, pleasure, and consolation save in pursuing, most perfectly adhering to, and accomplishing the beatings of the Heart of their Beloved – His loving and saving designs so opposed to the “New DisOrder” of things in the apostate 'Modernist' world (dominated by Masonic ‘dumbies’ of the Synagogue of Satan, Apoc. 2.9; 3.9) and even in His very own vineyard (that has become the den, as it were, of the revolutionary ‘dumbies’ of the Synagogue – cf., our post “The Year 1929” – clearly “prefigured,” cf., 1 Cor. 10.6, in the Book of Lamentations of the Prophet  Jeremias) built on “The Rights of Man”. “Joys in which everything created, which is nothing, gives room for the Uncreated, Which is Reality” (St. Therese, in her letters, 116).  

“To tell You of [our] Love in an Eternal Face to Face.” The Saints used to express that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – the Traditional Latin Mass; not the “New ‘M[e]ss’” designed by a Freemason with his six Protestant ‘observers’ and presented by ‘Pope Paul VI’ in his original “General Instructions [on the New Rite of M(e)ss]” as the Protestant “Lord’s Supper” – is our heaven here on earth. True enough for this, the Catholic “Beatific Vision”, is what the truly* Catholic priest teaches us by his traditional position and orientation in adoring, worshipping, and serving God at His high altar: standing and talking to God facie ad faciem (face to face, as with the intimate friend of God – Moses – on the summit of Sinai: And the Lord spoke to Moses face to face, as a man is wont to speak to his friend, Ex. 33.11). What a most blessed privilege in heaven for those who love God with all – no reservations, no compromises even with the minutest one for in heaven there is no “saint by halves” (St. Therese, Story of a Soul, Ch. I) - their mind, heart, soul, and strength!
* Not the bastard ‘ecumenical’ pastors ordained according to the New Rite, cf., our post Sacerdotes daemoniorum; not the Sedevacantists, for they are just as equally ‘mutant’, cf., our post "Against Sedevacantism II", as the bastard ‘ecumenical’ pastors of the New ‘Catholic’ DisOrder; and not the compromised: under the “Ecclesia Dei” Commission of the Disoriented Neo-Catholic Vatican and the loyalists of the subtly-dissimulating Fellayite regime of Neo-SSPX who accept the “bastard” (Abp. Lefebvre), “tampered” (Pope John Paul II) and “fabricated” (Card. Ratzinger)-“outbalanced” (Pope Benedict XVI) “New ‘Mass’” to have been “legitimately promulgated.”

Holy Church prays with Carmel today that we may profit by the examples and merits of the Saints of “the Order of the Virgin” (Our Lord to St. Teresa of Jesus, Soliloquies) – “living for God alone in meditation of the yoke of His law [to wit: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God  with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole strength, and with thy whole mind: the greatest and the first commandment, Lk. 10.27; Mt. 22.37; and, that you love one another, as I have loved you, Jn. 13.34] and in perfect abnegation…” (Collect of the Mass) so that “one day,” according to our dear “Little Therese,” “ a grateful God will cry out:  Now, My turn “ – in that “the eye of man,” continues our same dear “Little Therese” and borrowing from the words of St. Paul the Apostle, “has not seen the uncreated light, his ear has not heard the incomparable harmonies, and his heart cannot have any idea of what God reserves for those [that love Him and] whom He loves” (in her letters, 94).

“…Going to Paradise? I do not count on the illness, it is too slow a leader. I count only on Love. Ask Good Jesus that all the prayers being offered for me may serve to increase the Fire which must consume me… 

[And now] I see [the “Catholic God”] I believed.
I possess what I hoped for.
I am united to Him Whom I loved
With all my power of loving”
- St. Therese
(in her letters, 242, 245)

“Try to convince [yourselves] that instead of losing [us] you will find [us], and that [we] will no longer leave you” (St. Therese in a letter to Fr. Belliere, 258). To the Filipino faithful then who have lost passing things (loved ones, goods and possessions) due to the calamities which pleased God to allow to purify you, if you have striven to please, love and serve our true God more than anything else – giving Him the primacy in all your considerations, concerns, and affairs – and directed to the same your loved ones and everything God has given you, they should not be lost but safe in the hands of God. “I am not dying, I am entering into Life” (St. Therese in her letters, 244).

A most blessed Feast to all especially to those who have followed us!

May the Glorious and Immaculate Queen Beauty of Carmel, with St. Joseph – our special Father, Patron and Protector, and all Her Saints make the countenance of Her little Jesus to shrine and smile brightly on us all!

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