And Elias, the prophet, stood up, as a fire, and his word burnt like a torch (Ecclesiasticus. 48.1, DRV)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

When "not everyone who [ 'prays' ] shall enter the kingdom of heaven..."


Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

Let us come with confidence to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and may find grace in seasonable aid...[for] in [Her] is all grace of the way and of the truth, in [Her] is all hope of life and of virtue (Heb. 4.16; Ecclus. 24.25).

"May Thy healing work, O Lord, both mercifully free us from our perversities, and lead us to those things which are right..." (Postcommunion). Our Immaculate Mother, Mediatrix of All Graces, constituted by God to be that golden cistern holding among us the living water (cf., Jer. 2.13), indeed pleads for us before the "Lord... Most High... Great King OVER ALL" (from the "Introit" of the Mass, Ps. 46.2) that Her children be freed from "all hurtful things, and [given] all things which be profitable for us" (from the "Collect") - things which in their sum total could pertain only to the salvation and perfection of our soul (their ultimate end as regards us, for all things must redound first to the glory of the Most High Lord and King). MANY have recourse to our Mediatrix that they may be freed from what is hurtful to their bodily health, commerce, their plans and ambitions to clinch a comfortable lot in the "New World" city-'paradise' (very soon to be shaken and annihilated from the face of the earth), and the like this-worldly concerns but , now, not so much as forgetful anymore as ignorant - no thanks to the "false prophets" (from the Holy Gospel, Mt. 7.15-21) "in scarlet and purple" (Apoc. 17.4; cf., the "pseudo-Church" of infiltrated dumbies of the "Synagogue of Satan") and those they have perverted in Neo-Catholic 'seminaries', 'universities', and 'monasteries' - of the many and deep spiritual infirmities and "perversities" they may be actually immersed in by the subtle deceptions, snares, schemes and suggestions of the world, the ego and the flesh, and the devil: Thy prophets have seen false and foolish things for thee; and THEY HAVE NOT LAID OPEN THY INIQUITY, TO EXCITE THEE TO PENANCE [BUT TO 'LUV'] (Lam. 2.14). They run the risk of being "interested devotees" and therefore of being "false devotees" (St. Louis de Montfort: "Mater Sanctae Spei"). Our Lord warns us in today's Holy Gospel: Not everyone that [ 'prays' ] shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of My Father Who Is in heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.

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Salvation is in the "Blood of the Lamb"

Apocalypse XIV now unfolding (cf., our posts "The Wine of the Wrath of God" and "After Pope Benedict XVI, the 'Last' Roman Pontiff?"). The divine chastisement of world-wide conflagration (Lk. 17.29-30, cf., our post "Our Lady, Vatican II Disorientation, and the Annihilation of Many Nations") to annihilate the 'super-power' and cities and nations drunk with the wine of its immodesty, impurity, fornication, homosexuality, and blasphemies (Apoc. 14.8) is imminent - the close of our end-times period (distinct from the consummation of the world, Mt. 28.20).

They... have made them white in the Blood of the Lamb
(Apoc. 7.14) ... All things... are cleansed with Blood: and without shedding of Blood there is no remission (Heb. 9.22).

The Blood of the [Divine] Lamb can be availed of in the traditional Rite of the Sacrament of Penance (cf., our post "On Concealing Sins in Confession") and of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist (the Traditional Latin Mass). Go to our traditional Catholic Mass Centers (links on the left-side bar of this site). Flee to the mountains... (Mt. 24.16).

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