And Elias, the prophet, stood up, as a fire, and his word burnt like a torch (Ecclesiasticus. 48.1, DRV)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

"Satanic Synod"


Feast of All the Saints

The assembly of the just, the kingdom of God, was redeemed by the Most Precious Blood of Our Divine Savior (from The Roman Breviary) and they stand before the throne of God clothed with white robes and palms in their hands (Apoc. 7.9). But the so-called 'Roman Synod' of the Vatican II Neo-Catholic [Dis-]Order emerged with the stinking black robe of the Antipope with his diabolical effeminate sway in their hands.

"Satanic Synod"
(Fr. F. Chazal, SSPX-Marian Corps)

Vatican III is already upon us, at the hands of the self styled "synodal pope". It was textbook revolution. A repeat of what we read in Ralph Wiltgen's "the Rhine flows into the Tiber", to the exception that the Plata river has joined the rhine, and the rearguard is Polish, African, and from some other isolated places. Conservative elements were allowed to show their token complaints, adding a more open and pluralistic debate to take place, but the truth that comes from below has to prevail. The [mainstream] Church is turning gay, divorcish, and morally gradual: that is the reality that takes place and such reality in turn becomes official. Vatican II says the Church is the People of God, [Bergoglio] just applies this principle. The train is leaving, now if conservatives like Fr. Nely [of the compromised mainstream-SSPX and Second Councilor to the Neo-SSPX perverted Superior-General] are not interested, they can step down, but they can stay and endeavor to persevere...

The reality we are facing now in the conciliar church is even worse than we were expecting of this Synod so called "on the family" with the unimaginable pretense that the right of little children are going to be respected, while throwing them in homosexual couples [claiming that these perverts have something 'good' to contribute to 'Catholic' families!], with all the depravities that this alone entails, and with all the abominations taking place with surrogate mothers, (IVF, ie, plenty of abortions, eugenics, trafficking, abuse on third world women etc.). And how can you be in favor of the family while condoning so openly divorce, for the first time in the History of a Church who lost one of its most powerful nations, just on the question of the divorce of one man, Henry VIII?

Gradualism means that if you sin, and plan to sin further, as long as you are in the process of hoping to do something about it, you are accepted, nay welcomed. You are just a prisoner of your own device, we'll help you along as you are, and where you are, either on the gay planet, or on the lefebvrian planet. We are all pilgrims of truth said Pope Benedict to the Lutherans.

Typically, the president of the Polish Episcopal Conference stated that this was a departure from the teachings of Pope John Paul II. The most controversial paragraphs were turned down temporarily, and by a whisker (64% voted in favor of the text on homosexuals, some voted against because there was not enough for them). So [Bergoglio] maintained the infamous paragraphs and the whole text of the "Relatio post disceptationem" remains open for public debate until next year, sayeth mgr Forte, the special secretary, and it is the Pope who has the final say. Note well that these infamous paragraphs fell short of the two third majority but got always a comfortable absolute majority. It will pass easily in the second round, and [Bergoglio] is clearly telling that those against are pharisees who will have to obey the "God of surprises".

The mentor of {Bergoglio] is more Paul VI than Pope John Paul II, a Pope that showed his ability to face down people of the past to impose the new 'aggiornamento'. Just like in Vatican II, if the necessary votes are not gathered, the whole matter is thrown again in successive rounds of debate until it passes with faint conservative amendments.

What matters is that the new ideas get floated for the first time in the full view of the world with the endorsement [by] the supreme authority of the Catholic Church speaking and acting as if it were the instrument of Satan [Get thee behind Me, Satan! - Our Lord to Peter] . Opposition is allowed to swing in its turn, only to be defeated and chopped into the weaker recyclable half ... ones, who get taken care of later like the good old ex-SSPX.

Note the conservative types thrown at us like Cardinal Muller who stated that the Virginity of Our Lady is not a physical reality, or Cardinal Napier who says the text is incomplete because it should allow communion to polygamists as well. Consrvatives of Vatican III match perfecly the ultra liberals of Vatican II. In any case, many voters did not approve the controversial paragraphs for reasons of procedure only, and not of content. The whole thing is totally teleguided from the start, including the conservative opposition to it. It was the [Neo-Catholic 'Pontifex'] who appoints the moderators of the Synod and chooses its members at every consistory of Cardinals,removing the old, and promoting the surprises. The [Neo-Catholic 'President'] orders the demagogic polls and stirs the pot by his scandalous declarations ahead of the Synod. Are the conservatives shocked at the beatification of Paul VI? Well, they should follow the example of the conservative Pope Benedict XVI who duly attended the ceremony and endorsed it... isn't he slated as number three for take off after the canonization of Paul VI, John-Paul I? And there will be plenty more of unsavory [dissimulating-]canonizations to swallow from now on.

Did those conservatives really believe that Revolution would stop? If they did it was useful of them to believe so, to recycle gradually reactionary elements, but now the horses of Mephysto have to gallop further. All along they are made part of the revolutionary process that needs opposition to keep not just some spice in the debate but a focus on its principles and needs always an enemy to position its weapons better, like "target designation" in warfare. There is only one last stop for Revolution, and it is Hell. You can check in any time you want, but you can never leave. So come and check into my train, any time you want sayeth Bergoglio!"

A blessed Feast to everyone!

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