And Elias, the prophet, stood up, as a fire, and his word burnt like a torch (Ecclesiasticus. 48.1, DRV)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

"The Wine of the Wrath of God"


Second Sunday After Epiphany

In today's Gospel, we see the faith and prompt obedience of the servants who, following the advice of Our Blessed Mother, immediately carry out the orders of Jesus; they fill the pots with water and then pour the good wine from them. Not a moment of doubt, not a protest - they simply obey. And how Our Lord remedies what is failing!

Our Blessed Mother, seeing that the Orient from on high (that is, her Son) and the moon (that is, the Catholic Church) reflecting to the world the Sun's light were about to be eclipsed (cf., our post "The Great Tribulation") in the 1960's (cf., our post "Our Lady and the New Orientation in Rome"), intervened at Fatima and finally at Tuy to bring us heaven's prescribed last remedy. But Her warnings were to meet not only a cold Papal "noted"; the crucial request was to become an object also of a mock-consecration by the Holy See itself (cf., our post "When Mary Comes III") - but by the Holy See debilitated (cf., our posts "A Perilous 'Catholic' Voyage" and "The Great Tribulation") by the first Apocalyptic woe (cf., 9.3) of the smoke of the pit and the emerging swarm of locusts (the infiltrating revolutionaries: the Freemasons, cf., our post "A Perilous 'Catholic' Voyage," and Communists, cf., our posts "The Year That Was 1929" and "Upheaval") all emanating from the Synagogue of Satan (Apoc. 2.9; 3.9), cf., our post "Anti-Christian Conspiracy: Scriptural Truth and Historical Fact." The onslaught of the four winds (Apoc. 7.1), which, in Prophet Jeremias (49.36) means a great slaughter of the 'good' and the bad (cf., the messages of Our Blessed Mother at Akita in Japan) and the extirpation of a nation (cf., the "annihilation of many nations" in our post, "Our Lady, Vatican II Disorientation, and 'Annihilation of Many Nations'"), was inevitable.

However, before anything will be hurt, all who can still be trained, as has been traditionally done, by the Church into faithful servants of God must be sealed with the mark of God on their foreheads. Therefore there was the vision of the four angels and that angel ascending from the rising of the sun, having the sign of the living God [the sign of the Cross, cf., the Hebrew thau of Ezech. 9.4] (Apoc. 7.1,2). These angels then are bishops* for we learn from St. Paul (2 Cor. 1.21,22) that "Confirmation was conferred by anointing and sealing besides the imposition of hands; probably just as it [has been traditionally] conferred" (Fr. H.B. Kramer, The Book of Destiny, p. 175). That this sealing of the foreheads with the mark of God refers to the Sacrament of Confirmation was confirmed by post-Apostolic writings.
* Cf., the angels of Apoc. 3-2; the chief priests: a priest who has the perpetual Levitical unction (cf. Ex. 40.13; 1 Paralipomenon 15.3), is the angel of the Lord of Hosts (Malachi 2.7).

the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (in golden traditional Roman chasuble)
and the four auxiliary Bishops after the  occasson of the 1988 Episcopal Consecrations
30th June 1988, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre consecrated four priests to become auxiliary Bishops who would not only continue the Catholic priesthood bearing the perpetual Levitical unction [which the Neo-Catholic Vatican could not guarantee - only priests who will preach 'Ecumenism', cf., Pope Paul VI in our post "Our 'Great Reversal'" - while the Archbishop was already ailing and would soon be gone] but also confer the traditional Rite of the Sacrament of Confirmation (for in the Neo-Catholic Rite of "sealing", the pastor may substitute something other than the required traditional matter of the Sacrament thus putting into question the validity of the Neo-Catholic 'Confirmation'). [And the] angel ascending from the rising of the sun, having the sign of the living God;... cried with a loud voice to the four angels... saying... we sign the servants of our God on their foreheads (Apoc. 7.2,3). From the rising of the sun, that is, "he therefore comes in the name of Christ [the Sun, the Orient from on high] and with His authority" (Fr. H. B. Kramer, op. cit.). On their foreheads, thus there is no guile or deceit, no hypocrisy, no selfish desires, no vice of pride in them and they are of one mind with the ancient Church of Christ in her "Constantinian-Gregorian-Tridentine-'Triumphalist'" historical continuity - they have the interest of Christ and of His Church for a most vital one, the honor of Christ and of His Church for their business. As is written, to the righteous a light is risen up in darkness (Ps. 111.4, Ch. and v. according to the Sacred Latin Vulgate Bible); but, to those who do not have the interest of Christ and of His Church and seek primarily temporal welfare: in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying (2 Thess. 2.10). In all seduction of iniquity, that is, deceived; they believe they are in the light but following Satan [who] transformeth himself into an angel of light (2 Cor. 11.14), 'sealed' with the mark of the beast on their forehead, who think and believe as a 'Liberal Catholic' (cf., our post Vatican II & Freemasonry on 'Religious Liberty'and 'Modernist' (cf., our post Vatican II and Modernismdo; they say they are 'Catholics' in 'full' communion with the Pope? Thou hast the name of being alive: and thou art dead (Apoc. 3.1).

Now, Bishop Fellay, one of the four auxiliary bishops of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X founded by Archbishop Lefebvre and the Fraternity's current Superior General, has gotten rid of Bishop Richard Williamson for the latter proved to be staunchest against the Society being dragged by its head - having long been sold to the idea that ninety-five percent of Vatican II is acceptable - into a privileged niche in the Neo-Church. It is as if only one were left trying to hold the onslaught of the four winds and so we are brought to the scene where the Lamb of God is already standing with His faithful servants whose foreheads bear the seal of the mark of the living God (Apoc. 14.1) - the scene of judgment (cf., Jude 1.14-15). The destruction of Babylon - the pseudo-Church drunk with the wine of ecumenical fornication, Catholic nations who have apostatized (cf., 2 Thess. 2.3), cities where enormous sins as blasphemy, impurity, fornication, and homosexuality abound and daily committed (cf., our post "... 'Annihilation of Many Nations'") - is imminent. Meanwhile, Bishop Williamson is flying... having the eternal gospel... saying with a loud voice (Apoc. 14.6):

God reserved the good wine for His faithful House and City. But the time is, that judgment should begin at the house of God. And if first at us, what shall be the end of them that believe not the Gospel of God? (1 Pet. 4.17) They also shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is mingled with pure wine in the cup of His wrath... (Apoc. 14.10)

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    Cardinal Koch of the Pontifical Council for the so-called 'Christian Unity' suggested to the Holy Father the extension of another possible "Ordinariate" scheme - converts from Anglicanism preserving some of their 'traditions' - this time to Lutherans. The proposal is being put forward again by Msgr. Muller of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

    Catholics are admonished to "hold" only the Apostolic "paradoseis" (traditions), 2 Thess. 2.14. The faithful servants of the Lamb of God, Who now stands in judgment, had their foreheads sealed with the mark of God - they have the mind that it is a crime of spiritual fornication to try to adhere to both the traditions received from the Apostles on the one hand and even just "some" of the 'traditions' received from the revolutionary fathers on the other. "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy WHOLE MIND..."

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    "Theresa's Prayer"
    by His Excellency, Bishop R. Williamson

    It is extraordinary how far God is lost to the great number of souls around us today. It is in him that every one of us “lives and moves and has his being” (Acts, XVII, 28). Without him we cannot lift a finger, think a thought or do any naturally good action, let alone any supernaturally good action. All that we can do by ourselves, without him, is to sin, and even then the sinful action as action comes from God, only its sinfulness comes from ourselves, because the sinfulness is in itself something not positive but defective.

    Yet the mass of souls around us treat God as though he does not exist, or, if he does exist, as though he is of no importance. It is a truly incredible state of affairs. It is getting worse day by day. It cannot last. It can only be compared with the state of mankind in the time of Noah. Men’s corruption at that time was such (Gen. VI, 11-12) that unless God took away from them the use of their most precious endowment, their free-will - just see how most men react when one tries to force them to do something ! - then the only way they left for him to save any significant number of them was to inflict a universal chastisement in which they would nevertheless have time to repent. That was the Flood, a historical event proved by a mass of geological evidence.

    Similarly today, a worldwide chastisement is surely, before God, the only way that mankind has left for him to save still any large number of souls from the horror of their damning themselves for eternity. As in Noah’s time, the mercy of God makes it virtually certain that the huge number of souls will be given the time and knowledge necessary to save themselves if they wish. And afterwards many of the large number that will be saved (alas, not the majority) will recognize that only that chastisement saved them from drifting with today’s corruption all the way down to Hell.

    Still, it will be easy to be frightened by the explosion of the just anger of a majestic God. From miles and miles away the Israelites were terrified by a demonstration of his power on the top of Mount Sinai (Exod. XX, 18). In our own times it will be well to recall the famous prayer of St Theresa of Avila (given here with a rhyming translation into English to facilitate memorisation):

    "Nada de turbe Let nothing fret you
    Nade te espante Nothing upset you
    Todo se pasa Everything falters
    Dios no se muda God never falters
    La paciencia Patience withal
    Todo lo alcanza Will obtain all.
    Quien a Dios tiene Who to God will cling
    Nada le falta Can lack for no thing.
    Solo Dios basta!" God alone sufficeth!

    Sacred Heart of Jesus, I put in you all the trust I can lay my hands on. But help my lack of trust !

    "Kyrie eleison."
    2 February 2013


Salvation is in the "Blood of the Lamb"

Apocalypse XIV now unfolding (cf., our posts "The Wine of the Wrath of God" and "After Pope Benedict XVI, the 'Last' Roman Pontiff?"). The divine chastisement of world-wide conflagration (Lk. 17.29-30, cf., our post "Our Lady, Vatican II Disorientation, and the Annihilation of Many Nations") to annihilate the 'super-power' and cities and nations drunk with the wine of its immodesty, impurity, fornication, homosexuality, and blasphemies (Apoc. 14.8) is imminent - the close of our end-times period (distinct from the consummation of the world, Mt. 28.20).

They... have made them white in the Blood of the Lamb
(Apoc. 7.14) ... All things... are cleansed with Blood: and without shedding of Blood there is no remission (Heb. 9.22).

The Blood of the [Divine] Lamb can be availed of in the traditional Rite of the Sacrament of Penance (cf., our post "On Concealing Sins in Confession") and of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist (the Traditional Latin Mass). Go to our traditional Catholic Mass Centers (links on the left-side bar of this site). Flee to the mountains... (Mt. 24.16).

See also the Messages and Appeals (on the upper right-side bar) of the Apocalyptic Woman in her title of Our Lady of Fatima.