And Elias, the prophet, stood up, as a fire, and his word burnt like a torch (Ecclesiasticus. 48.1, DRV)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Testimonium [perhibeamus] Veritati"


Solemnity of Christ the King

I Am a King. For this I was born, and for this came I into the world,
that I should give testimony to the truth
(Jn. 18.37).

Today’s traditional Solemnity confesses that the “Catholic God” – which the Rotarian Neo-Catholic ‘Pontifex’ has expressly repudiated, 1st October 2013 interview with the Italian secular paper “La Reppublica”, cf. also, Estote Sapientes and “The True God – The Catholic God” – is the King of kings and Lord of lords (Apoc. 19.16)  Who must reign until He hath put all His enemies under His feet (St. Paul, First Epistle to the Corinthians 15.25). The “Catholic God” is a King Who has enemies whom He is bound to utterly vanquish – otherwise, to utterly obliterate from the face of the earth; to vanquish, that is, to convert by His Cross and His Blood , made… worthy partakers of the lot of the Saints in light… delivered from the power of darkness, and… translated… into the kingdom of the Son of… love (from today’s Epistle, Col. 1.12-20), to serve Him in truth and charity; to be utterly obliterated, that is, to be cast out – counting even among them children of the kingdominto the exterior darkness [where there is] weeping and gnashing of teeth (Jn. 8.12) by a King not only of tender mercy but also of a terrible just wrath Who, in the parable of the marriage feast (Mt. 22.7), sent His armies, destroyed the perverse, and burnt their cities (Lk. 17.29-30, cf., our post on the “Annihilation of Many Nations”).

Our “Catholic God” – the King of kings and Lord of lords – vanquishes souls by the highest and most noble power of their soul, that is, by their mind or intellect: bringing into captivity every understanding unto the obedience of Christ (2 Cor. 10.5), for the Life was the Light of men and…. that was the true light which enlighteneth every man (Jn. 1.4,9). Hence, the willing subjects of the Crucified King has this mind… which was also in Christ Jesus: that in the name of Jesus every knee should bow (Phil. 2.10) for the kingdom is the Lord’s and He shall have dominion over the nations (Ps. 21.29). And foremost among these to have this mind of our Crucified King in an excelling manner is none other than the Catholic Summus Pontifex (the “Sovereign Pontiff” crowned with the Papal tiara) who is the Vicar of the King of kings and Lord of lords – until Vatican II: ‘Christ’ does not demand under pain of eternal damnation that He be served, adored and worshipped by all nations as their Lord and God – giving Him the primacy… in all things (Col. 1.18, from today’s Epistle); in all things, that is, no private or State affairs reserved – but wishes only “to instill the feeling of [Masonic] brotherhood” as the Neo-Catholic Rotarian ‘Pontifex’ unequivocally summarized , ever, the mission of the pseudo-Christ of the “New ‘THEO[logism]’” (cf., “The Ultimate Delusion of Vatican II‘Catholicism’”) that was the school also of Popes John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI and is the creed of the Neo-Catholic ‘Mass’ upon which the Neo-Catholic DisOrder of Vatican II was built. Behold the reason why the Neo-Catholic ‘Pontifex’ disavowed the “Catholic God” – His Word was deemed to be politically incorrect for the modern times breathing in and out the 1789 revolutionary principles of ‘libert[arianism], equality, brotherhood’. 

The pseudo-Christ of Vatican II mock-Catholicism - 

"I believe not... in a Catholic God. There is no Catholic God.... 
The Son of God was incarnate in souls to instill the feeling of brotherhood." 
- the Rotarian Neo-Catholic 'Pontifex' 

But we withstand the Neo-Catholic ‘Pontifex’ to his Rotarian face (Gal. 2.20) with St. Paul: [the “Catholic God”] must reign until He hath put all His enemies under His feet! (First Epistle to the Corinthians, 15.25); and, with the beloved Apostle St. John: he that Is of God, heareth the words of God. Therefore you hear them not, because you are not of God! (8.47)

Behold, they... that will not serve Thee... that go far from Thee shall perish:
Thou hast destroyed all them that are disloyal to Thee
(Ps. 72.27; Is. 60.12)
- why the "Catholic God" is not liked.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

"...Ye tempt Me, hypocrites!"


Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost

Now very shortly, I will pour out My wrath upon thee, and I will accomplish My anger in thee… and My eye shall not spare, neither will I shew mercy: but I will lay thy ways upon thee, and thy abominations shall be in the midst of thee: and you shall know that I am the Lord that strike (Ezech. 7.8).

"How the Catholic God Strikes!"
by The Filipino Catholic

The Neo-Catholic Philippines was on ‘national holiday’ in observance of a big Mohammedan festival when a quake the magnitude of as if “32 Hiroshima bombs” (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 16th October 2013) exploding rocked the ‘devoted’ (Neo-) Catholic island province of Bohol - destroying or badly damaging “heritage” Catholic churches and making the belfry of the Sto. Nino Basilica in Cebu to crumble down. But ‘Catholics’ paying ‘national respect’ to Mohammed’s way of rejoicing with his idol [and all the gods of the Gentiles are devils, Ps. 95.5]? That’s simply religious fornication or harlotry. What fellowship hath… the faithful with the unbeliever for what concord hath Christ with Belial? (2 Cor. 6.14,15) The calamities sent by God to His people of Old were but always drawn by this religious fornication and, indeed, as St. Paul the Apostle also points out, these things were done in a figure of us (1 Cor. 10.6). See how the Word of God is living and effectual, more piercing than any two edged sword [striking both the fornicators of Old and of the New!], Heb. 4.12.

And why in its island-province Bohol? The rottenness of the fornicating local Neo-Catholic clergy is everywhere an open secret and the local Neo-Catholic hierarchy and its ‘loyalist’ flock couldn’t care. The name “Catholic” has been the object of rabid scorn and ridicule since Vatican II (1962-1965) – the Council predominated by ecclesiastics in a Freemason’s apron ever to have succeeded in revolutionizing the face of the institutional Church (in distinction to the true sense of the Catholic Church as “the Mystical Body of Christ” – Pope Pius XII, Mystici Corporis), cf., “The Year 1929” – given the Council’s fornicating and Sodomitic fruits among its “mock”-Catholic clergy and faithful who, as the mock-salt of the earth, would, as a devouring curse, infect the inhabitants of the world (cf., Is. 24.5,6: “Our Lady, Vatican II Disorientation, and theAnnihilation of Many Nations”). And when the ‘Pontifex’ bluntly and unequivocally stated the real thesis of the New ‘Catholic Theolo[gism]’, cf., “TheUltimate Delusion of Vatican II ‘Catholicism’” – wherein he was also schooled – in an interview with the Italian secular paper La Reppublica on 1st October that there was no such thing as a “Catholic God” (therefore, the New Rite of ‘Mass’ – the “ordinary form” of worship of Vatican II Neo-Catholicism - which he is very fond of is nothing but the worship of the same idol, the god of “luv”,  of the New ‘Catholic Theolo[gism]’), cf., The True God - The "Catholic God", this same “Catholic God” – pushed away from the center, or into a corner of, or even out of the Neo-Catholic sanctuary - is now beginning to shoot upwards from His burrowing, having already touched the foundation of the rotten Neo-Catholic DisOrder (or the Novus Ordo inaugurated at Vatican II), and giving the mad occupants of the See of Peter – from John XXIII to the ‘incumbent’ Rotarian “president” (Pope Paul VI, Institutio Generalis of the New Rite of M[e]ss, on the function of a pseudo-Catholic pastor at the Masonic-style Neo-Catholic sanctuary: “The Catholic Sanctuary Prefigured in the Old Testament– II”) – the lie: He therefore couldn’t care any the less in destroying the ‘treasured’ edifices which were once churches for the worship of the “Catholic God” of Catholic Tradition but, since Vatican II, have become churches of religious fornication: temples of the idol of the New Rite of ‘Worship’.

But the head of the Neo-Catholic hierarchy in Manila, after that devastation suffered alone by the once Catholic churches, would rather insist still on this “new way of being [‘Church’]” (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 17 Oct. 2013): the delusion of the French Jesuit-apostate Teilhard de Chardin (fabricator of the “Nouvelle Catholique Theologie” or the New ‘Catholic THEOlo[gism]’ which became the Creed of Vatican II, cf., “The Ultimate Delusion of Vatican II ‘Catholicism’” - link above) and carried on by Benedict XVI (cf., What is Truth?) who was one of the notorious students of de Chardin’s diabolical school, as if the constitution of the Church could be remade – this “new being” of a mock-Catholic Church (the pseudo-Church – Catholic in some appearance and in some terminologies only – of Vatican II ‘ecumenism’ of religious fornication, as that purple and scarlet vestment of the harlot spoken of in Apocalypse 17; purple and scarlet (v. 4): the respective colors of a Catholic bishop and of a Catholic cardinal) – exuding the mad unction flowing all the way from its sewer at the Neo-Catholic Vatican. Because of this, he will see, granting the “Catholic God”-who-knows-wrath sparing him still, a never-seen-before tragedy in Metro Manila: a stronger earthquake will rock the sin-capital in which he proudly stands yet with this addition justly reserved for it – the number of people who will perish will strike horror.  Why do you tempt Me, ye hypocrites? (from the holy Gospel of today, the 22nd after Pentecost, Mt. 22.15-21).

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The True God - The Catholic God


Feast of St. Teresa of Jesus

"Be zealous for My honor that you may truly be My spouse"
(Our Lord to our holy Mother Teresa of Jesus)

For God so loved the world as to give His only begotten Son
that the world may be saved by Him…
By this hath the charity of God appeared to us…
that we may… not perish…
but may have life everlasting… by Him…
and sent His Son to be a propitiation for our sins.

(Jn. 3.15,16,17; 1 Jn. 4.9,10)

For God so loved the world as to give His only begotten Son... The Catholic God is the God of tender mercy  Who has spared us from suffering the fullness of the excruciating  weight of the passion, crucifixion, and death on a cross. Yet, nevertheless, the Catholic God is the God also of terrible justice hence He still exacted the full prize of our sin – the pride of ‘liberalism’ – therefore, He sent His Son to be a propitiation for our sins; it was upon Him Who was the Innocent that the terribly exacting justice of the God Who also knows the language of wrath fell!  And this same Catholic God of most tenderly infinite “merciful love” (our dear “Little Therese”) required and still requires on the traditional Catholic altar the blood of the Innocent for it has been decreed (Heb. 9.22) that without the shedding of [His] Blood there is no remission [of sins]!

This Catholic God – “a cruel blood-thirsty God-the-executioner,” according to the ‘bishop’ of Arras in an ironic title published by the [Dominican] Cerf Publishing House in France: ‘Fifteen Bishops Profess the Faith of the Catholic Church’ –  the ‘Pontifex’ (that is, a mere “bishop”; distinct from the Summus Pontifex, the “Sovereign Pontiff”) of Neo-Catholicism (the “New ‘Catholicism’” of Vatican II) expressly repudiates: "I believe… not in a Catholic God, there is no Catholic God” (Pope Francis, interview with a secular Italian paper, La Reppublica, 1st October 2013, full official text in Italian published at the Vatican website; cf, Estote Sapientes). What the Neo-Catholic ‘Pontifex’ claims is no longer a surprise. The [g]od the Neo-Catholic “President” professes is nothing but that “New” concept of [g]od illusioned  by the “New Catholic ‘THEOlog[ism]’ (cf., our post “The Ultimate Delusion of Vatican II‘Catholicism’”) – the de facto creed since Vatican II being inculcated especially  through the “New Rite of ‘Mass’” (following the Roman axiom lex orandi, lex credenda: how one prays/worships shows what one believes); a “New” ‘Jesus Christ’ – the Son of God “incarnate… to instill the feeling of brotherhood” (the ‘Pontifex’ in the same interview, cf., also our post Estote Sapientes) – but then only subtly veiled by technical (‘theologistic’ references) from Pope Paul VI (who “wish[ed]” the ‘Rite of Worship’ of that same Neo-Catholic idol celebrated throughout the Roman Rite] to Pope Benedict XVI [who claimed that the “fabricated” Rite of Worship, designed by a Freemason in ecclesiastical trappings: Annibale Bugnini (cf., our post “The Catholic Sanctuary Prefigured in O.T. – II”),  for the fabricated god of the school of Neo-Catholic ‘theologism’ – in which he was bred – was the “ordinary form” – therefore, the ‘norm’). It is just that, now,  it took a mad “Rotary Club, Int’l” (a Masonic organization) ‘Pontifex’ to tear the deceptive veil and thus proclaim bluntly that there is indeed that false ecumenical god – the god of ‘liberal-free-thinking’ Neo-Catholics, of the “Bible-only” sectarians, of the Mohammedans, of Hindus, etc.  - being worshipped in the “tampered liturgy” (Pope John Paul II, in our post “The Diabolical Campaign”), that “fabricated liturgy” (Card. Ratzinger, later Pope Benedict XVI, in his Preface to Msgr. Gamber’s The Reform of the Roman Liturgy) and, therefore, that “bastard Mass” (Abp. Marcel Lefebvre – now contradicted by his auxiliary bishop and Superior General of the ‘instutional SSPX’, Bernard Fellay, who declared that this “tampered, fabricated, and bastard Mass” was “legitimately promulgated” – which has yet to be formally retracted coupled with resignation as is most fittingly required) which is the pseudo-Mass of the Neo-Catholic DisOrder since Vatican II (1962-1965).  What the mad Rotarian ‘Pontifex’ simply yet most clearly pointed out was that the Church of Rome has been, as what the Apocalyptic Woman repeatedly warned us in La Salette in France (that “Rome will lose the Faith” – w/ecclesiastical approval) and in Fatima in Portugal (which rephrases thus: “Not in Rome will the dogma of the Faith be always preserved, etc.” – w/ecclesiastical approval and the “etc.” referring to the Third Part of the Great Secret of Fatima which Our Lady wished to be revealed as early as in 1960), in de facto apostasy (for it touches, though in a material manner – not formally (against Sedevacantism) or de officio for this would belie the Lord and Savior, the gates of hell shall not prevail against it, in that the pillar and ground of the truth has been officially overturned  – the fundamental Christian dogma upon which the rest are built; while heresy denies one or some of the truths flowing from the core).  Thanks – but no thanks! – to the ‘Pontifex’ the rotten core of Vatican II Neo-Catholicism is now finally laid bare in clear terms, without any deceptive technical reference, so that those who would persist in being ‘Pope-loyalist-no-matter-what’ run the course of the unforgivable sin of blasphemy against the Spirit of truth (cf., the necessity of “CatholicResistance” which is but part of holy obedience in its authentically Catholic sense); yet, most unfortunately, the poisoned food with which the sheep and the lambs have been fed since Vatican II was dealt by no less than a mad Papa occupying the See of Peter!

“There is no Catholic God…” is a terrifying invitation for the Catholic God to finally let down fire and brimstone from heaven to consume and “[annihilate] many nations” (warns the Apocalyptic Woman, cf., our post “Our Lady, VaticanII Disorientation, and the Annihilation of Many Nations”) – and thus vindicate also His Apocalyptic Great Sign in heaven in Her great Fatima appearance which was dismissed as a mere inconsequential ‘private revelation’ by Neo-Catholic lay ‘commentators’ now even upheld by the same mad ‘Pontifex’ – as categorical manifestation that He indeed is also the God of infinite justice Whose wrath does not respect numbers (“MANY souls go to hell” – Our Lady at Fatima, Portugal). Even then, “God come to our assistance. Lord make haste to help us!”

Sunday, October 13, 2013

"Estote Sapientes"


Anniversary of the Culmination of the Apparition of the Great Sign in heaven (Apoc. 12.1)
at Fatima, Portugal

Hear instruction and be wise, and refuse it not (Pr. 8.33).

The Church was at a loss in the early 13th century as to how to check the flood of the Albigensian heresy (which regards the whole visible world to have come from the evil one) then spreading far and wide throughout Europe. Our Lady appeared to St. Dominic – who was then at the forefront of the Church’s battle against this heresy and who had recourse to our Blessed Mother for this purpose – gave him the Rosary and said: “Dear Dominic, do you know which weapon the Blessed Trinity wants to use to reform the world? I want you to know that, in this kind of warfare, the battering ram has always been the Angelic Psalter [the Angelic Salutation, Lk. 1.28] which is the foundation stone of the New Testament” (in St. Louis de Montfort, The Secret of the Rosary). And this “private revelation” of Our Immaculate Mother proved very wise for the Church was not only led to victory over the heresy of the ‘Cathari’ which resurfaced in Albi in France, but also, later, over her famous battles against Mohammedanism in Lepanto (1571) and in Belgrade (1716). Most unfortunately, the present occupant of the Chair has rather recently adopted the erroneous opinion of some Neo-Catholic lay ‘commentators’ that the Fatima Message of the Apocalyptic Woman is inconsequential – being a mere ‘private revelation’ (when confronted with the fact of the phrase of Our Lady introducing the Third Part of Her Great Secret of Fatima which rephrases itself thus: “Not in Rome will the dogma of the Faith be always preserved, etc.”) when it is actually the unfolding in history of the concrete Apocalyptic battle between the Woman and Her seed and the dragon and his seed (cf., our post “OurLady at Fatima – Not a Mere ‘Private Revelation as Neo-Catholics Would Have It”). The theologically-corrupted occupant retorted that this kind of traditional Catholic Mariology makes for “Christ-less Christians” – St. Louis de Montfort in his True Devotion to Mary now stands also condemned!

And now, from yet another recent interview granted by the Rotarian ‘Pontifex’ to the La Reppublica as to “How Will I [appear] to CHANGE [rather destroy] the [INSTITUTIONAL] Church”but Christ [the Head and His Mystical Body the Church] yesterday, today; and the same forever (Heb. 13.8); how dare he who is supposed to be but Christ’s Vicar and not, as if, the Antichrist’s vicar - professes “I believe… not in a Catholic God, there’s no Catholic God [cf., our post on the “New” [g]od of Vatican II pseudo-Catholicism: “Neo-Catholic[‘theologism’]–The Ultimate Delusion of Vatican II Disorientation”]… [while] the Son of God became incarnate IN the souls of men TO INSTILL THE FEELING of brotherhood [so, a revival of the heresy of Nestorius that the Eternal Word inhabited the soul of a man ‘Christ’, but, for a ‘modern’ twist, now of all men (cf., our posts on ‘Universal Salvationism’: What is Truth? and “Pope Francis Proclaims a New ‘Gospel’”); or, of Luther: it is IN “the feeling;" nay, ‘Modernism’, the “synthesis of [these] heresies” (Pope St. Pius X); this time with the air of the Freemasonic ‘fraternity’!] The plague of "diabolical disorientation" (Our Lady to Sr. Lucia, C.D.) now not subtly but most clearly and even insolently effuses from the See itself (cf., Pope Leo XIII in his original prayer to St. Michael the Archangel after the vision on the Church of Rome he had seen: “A Perilous ‘Catholic’ Voyage”) as from its “sewer”. Our holy Mother Teresa of Jesus - whose Feast we are celebrating on the 15th of this month - prayed also especially that her Teresian Carmel be spared from the plague of “stupid nuns [and, we may add, stupid friars];" thus, how much more do we plead now with her through the intercession of Our Immaculate Mother, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, that God finally arise and deliver the Church from “stupid” and mad pastors! 

7th October 2013
Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

See: The Great Sign In Heaven

Friday, October 11, 2013

Christian Doctrinal Instruction: Mary, the Mother of God


Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God

The Dogma: Mary is truly the Mother of God (De fide).

The Church professes Her belief that Jesus Christ , as the Son of God, is also true God: the Jews sought all the more to kill Him, because He… also said God was His Father, making Himself equal to God (Jn. 5.18); We stone Thee… for blasphemy… because that Thou, being a man, makest Thyself God (Jn. 10.33); And the high priest said to Him: I adjure Thee by the living God, that Thou tell us if Thou be… the Son of God. Jesus saith to him: thou hast said it. Nevertheless I say to you, hereafter you shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of the power of God, and coming in the clouds of heaven. Then the high priest rent his garments, saying: He hath blasphemed.... He is guilty of death (Mt. 26.63-64,65,66).

As the Mother of the Son of God, therefore, Mary is the “Mother of God”. The Council of Ephesus with St. Cyril of Alexandria declared against Nestorius in his heresy [that “Christ was the Son of God not only by the grace of adoption but by the divine nature in which (the Person of the Son of God, united to the man-Christ by mere habitation in him – taking partly the error of Photinus)  existed coeternal with the Father” – in St. Thomas Aquinas, Compendium of Theology]: “If any one does not confess that the Emmanuel in truth is God and that on this account the Holy Virgin is the Mother of God (“Theotokos”) – since according to the flesh She brought forth the Word of God made flesh – let him be anathema. The subsequent General Councils repeated and confirmed this doctrine.

The dogma of Mary’s Motherhood of God contains two truths –

1) Mary is truly a mother, that is, She contributed everything to the formation of the human nature of Christ, that every other mother contributes to the formation of the fruit of her body;

2) Mary is truly the Mother of God, that is, She conceived and bore the Second Person of the Divinity, not indeed according to the Divine Nature, but according to the assumed human nature

A most blessed Feast to all!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

"Unless you see signs and wonders, you believe not" (Jn. 4.48)


Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost

"If Russia is not consecrated to my Immaculate Heart... MANY nations will be annihilated, etc."
(The Apocalyptic Woman introducing the Third Part of the Great Secret of Fatima contained in the "etc.")
but, unless you see signs and wonders, you believe not...
(from today's Holy Gospel, Jn. 4.46,49-54)

The Liturgy of the last Sundays after Pentecost has a special note, warning us of the approaching end of all things. In fact, the liturgical year is almost at its close, and as it ends, it invites us to consider the uncertainty of the present life and to turn our eyes toward the eternal life awaiting us. Spontaneously we stop to reflect on the condition of our own soul: how have we employed the time that God has given us - most especially since the unfolding of the 12th Chapter of the Book of the Apocalypse in history with the appearance of the Great Sign in heaven (in heaven, that is, in the Apocalyptic language of the Apostle St. John, in the Church) at Fatima in Portugal from 13th May-13th October ninety-six years ago? In the Introit of today's Holy Mass, we find the a most aptly humble confession: We have sinned, and committed iniquity, departing from Thee: and we have trespassed in all things: and we have not hearkened [to Thy Great Sign]... nor have we observed or done as Thou hadst commanded us [through Her office], that it might go well with us (Dan. 3.29-30). Wherefore, continues the Prophet Daniel, all that Thou hast brought [and will bring] upon us, and everything that Thou hast done [and will do] to us, Thou hast done in true judgment (3.31):

1) Thou hast delivered us into the hands of our enemies that are unjust and most wicked, and prevaricators (cf., our posts "A Perilous 'Catholic' Voyage", "The Year That Was 1929", and "The Catholic Sanctuary Prefigured in the Old Testament" - Part II); and,

2) The "Great Chastisement... greater than the deluge and never before seen... [by which] a greater part of humanity will perish" (Our Lady at Akita in Japan) - as the ultimate consequence of the great evil brought by the first] - according to...

"Yet another reconstruction has come to light of the third part of the Secret of Fatima, revealed by the Mother of God to Sister Lucy in July, 1917. The Blessed Virgin wished it to be made public in 1960 at the latest, but the perfidious churchmen controlling Rome pretended that she had merely allowed it to be published from 1960 onwards, and it has been locked away ever since. From hints of its contents revealed by the few churchmen that have been able to read it, several attempts have been made to reconstruct it. This latest attempt has much in its favour. Here is its story.

Cardinal Ottaviani (1890-1979) was a high churchman under Popes Pius XII, John XXIII and Paul VI, main protector of the Faith from 1959 to 1968. Given to read the Secret, but bound by secrecy, he found a way to reveal it without revealing it. Adding material to make the original Secret two to three times as long, he allowed the elongated version to be published, notably in a German magazine called Neues Europa. But the Vatican authorities could easily dismiss it as a fake, as it is now regarded, because the original Secret was known to be only 25 hand-written lines.

However, the Cardinal had a friend, Don Luigi Villa (1918-2012), a valiant priest and defender of the true Church, especially against Freemasonry. At some point the Cardinal revealed to Fr. Villa exactly which parts of the longer version came from the original Secret, and Don Villa in turn told the same to his faithful lay collaborator, Dr. Franco Adessa, who has just put the same information into Chiesa Viva, an Italian periodical. Here then would be the original “Third Secret”:

A great chastisement will come down on the whole of mankind neither today, nor tomorrow, but in the second half of the 20th century. Nowhere in the world is there order, and Satan rules in the highest places, determining the course of events. He will even manage to work his way up to the top of the Church [cf., our posts "Our Lady and the Diabolical Campaign", "A Perilous 'Catholic' Voyage", "Our Lady and the Disorientation of Rome"]. For the Church too will come the time of its greatest trials. Cardinals will oppose cardinals, bishops will oppose bishops. Satan will march in their midst, and in Rome there will be changes [cf., our posts "The Catholic Sanctuary - II", "Our Lady and the Disorientation of Rome", "The Ultimate Delusion of Vatican II 'Catholicism'", "Vatican II Neo-Catholicism on Homosexuality", "Pope Francis and Desacralization", "Pope Francis Proclaims the Neo-Catholic 'Gospel' of 'Universal Salvationism'", "'Pontifex' Succumbs to the Roman Gay Lobby", "The Neo-Encyclical Lumen fidei - a 'faith' or the Faith?"]. What is rotten will fall, what falls will not get up again. The Church will be darkened [cf., our post "The Great Tribulation"] and the world overwhelmed in terror. A great war will be let loose in the second half of the 20th century. Fire and smoke will fall from Heaven [cf., our post "Our Lady, Vatican II Disorientation, and the Annihilation of Many Nations"], the oceans’ waters will be turned into steam, the foam of the sea will rise up, overwhelming and flooding everything. Millions and millions of men will die from one hour to the next, while those who survive will envy the dead. Death will be everywhere because of the errors committed by the madmen and henchmen of Satan, who then and only then will reign over the world. Finally while those who survive these events are still alive, they will proclaim once more God and the glory of God, and they will serve him as men used to do when the world had not yet become so perverse.

Fr Nicholas Gruner, an expert on Fatima, thinks that this version of the Secret may be incomplete, lacking mention of the Apocalypse and of recommended action. One may also object that the second half of the 20th century has come and gone with no World War. But have not madmen been stirring up war in the Middle East, continuously, from well before 2000 down to today? And it is worthy of note that every phrase in this version of the Secret does occur in the Neues Europa version (accessible on the Internet), amidst material drawn or imitated from other pious sources.

In any case, may God truly have mercy upon us all, and let us pray the Rosary without ceasing.
Kyrie eleison - Bp. Richard Williamson, the Voice of "Catholic "Resistance"

5th October 2013
First Saturday of the Month

See therefore, brethren, how you walk circumspectly: 
not as unwise, but as wise:
redeeming the time, because the days are evil.
Wherefore, become not unwise, but understanding what is the will of God:
(Eph. 5.15-17)
Be not conformed to [the New World DisOrder and the Neo-Catholic DisOrder]
but be reformed in the newness of your mind;
(Rom. 12.12)
Therefore, brethren, stand fast and hold the traditions which you have learned,
whether by word, or by... epistle....
And we charge you... that you withdraw yourselves 
from every brother walking disorderly,
and not according to the tradition which they have received of us
(2 Thess. 2.14; 3.6)


Friday, October 4, 2013

The "Little Way" of Spiritual Childhood of St. Therese: Humility (III)


First Friday of the Month

“In order to belong to Jesus,” says our dear “Little Therese,” “ we must be little, but there are few souls who aspire to remain in that littleness. ” Elsewhere: “In order to enjoy the merciful love of Jesus, it is necessary to humiliate ourselves, to acknowledge our nothingness, and this is a thing which many are unwilling to do.” Little to a certain point, they are dissatisfied with dragging on in that condition, constantly meeting the same difficulties and struggles, relapsing into the same faults or imperfections [no longer a question of mortal sin and not even of venial sin], and remaining always poor and powerless.  Therefore, to those who were afraid of being judged imperfect, she declared: “That they find you imperfect is precisely what you need. That is a real blessing, for you can then practice humility which consists not only in thinking and saying that you are full of faults, but in rejoicing because others think and say the same thing about you.”

It might be objected that there is danger in such an attitude, for if it is proper to accept ourselves as imperfect at the beginning of the spiritual life, we might have to regret that we are still in that imperfect condition after many years and especially at the end of our life. Our “Little Therese,” however, had not such fear and she wished to have humility practiced to that very point. She knew that the more we advance on the road to perfection, the further away we seem from its end. Hence, she was satisfied when she recognized her own imperfection. “She even found delight in it…. My peace consists in remaining small; hence, when I fall on the road I can quickly rise again, and Jesus takes me by the hand.”

One day – it was during her last illness – some object had been brought to her that was more of a nature to distract her than to help her recollection. She refused it; but after a moment’s reflection, she corrected herself and said to the sister: “I beg your pardon; I acted from a natural impulse.” And a little later, she added: “How happy I am to see that I am imperfect and that I am need of God’s mercy at the hour of my death!” Admirable words, for how many are willing to accept their imperfection which so much serenity at that supreme moment? They are not even willing to accept it during the course of their life. They imagine that it would be more profitable for their soul if they were not hindered by their wretchedness, and if, on the contrary, they could tend Godwards with even regular steps and with a free and detached heart. Indeed, it is painful to be constantly confronted with our miseries. But, if God considers it right to leave them with us, is it right for us to complain? Does He not know better than we do what things are profitable to our soul?

These repeated falls, moreover, are often necessary to make us know ourselves better, to convince us of our need of divine help, and teach us humility of heart. On the other hand, as long as those falls displease us, they cannot do us harm. If, on their occasion, we turn to God with a confidence that is proportionate to our misery, they will be a source of progress for us.

We ought then to understand that it is precisely our weakness that will serve to give us strength. “It is my weakness that gives me confidence,” Therese likes to repeat, recalling St. Paul (2 Cor. 12.20). It is because God sees our weakness, our incapacity and wretchedness, and especially because He wants us to acknowledge and love our littleness and misery that He comes to our assistance. “God,” Therese declares, “ wants humility of heart.” If we were stronger, we would not need His help. But when He sees that we are convinced of our nothingness, that we love our wretchedness and appeal to Him, He stoops towards us andgives with divine generosity." 

Some might object, ‘Why must we love this state of imperfection?’ Is it not enough that we acknowledge and accept it? No! It is not enough to acknowledge the truth. We must also love it. We have a perfect grasp of truth only when we love to see ourselves as we truly are in God’s sight. Moreover, we do not love the state of imperfection for its own sake. We love it because it disposes us for God’s merciful action in our soul. “The thing that pleases Jesus when He beholds my soul,” wrote Therese, “is that I love my littleness and my poverty and have a blind hope in His mercy.”

God wants us to acknowledge that we receive everything from His mercy. He glories in fashioning Saints from the clay of poor creatures like us. The God of strength loves to show His power by making use of nothing.” He desires, says St. Paul, to show in the ages to come the abundant riches of His grace, in His bounty towards us in Jesus Christ (Eph. 2.7).

Let us, then, accept our wretched condition. “Let us humbly take our place among the imperfect. Let us consider ourselves little and in need of God’s support at every instant. As soon as He sees that we are truly convinced of our nothingness, He extends His hand to us. If we are still trying to do something great, even under the pretext of zeal, our good Lord Jesus leaves us alone.

In order to make us bear our misery with greater facility, Therese, with the true spirit of Carmel, counseled that we keep our eyes fixed principally on Jesus and refrain from looking fixedly at our imperfections. “When we see that we are wretched, we no longer wish look at ourselves but we gaze at our only Beloved.” Elsewhere: “We have merely to love Him, without looking at ourselves, without examining our faults too much.” For, “if you are nothing, do not forget that Jesus is All. Hence, lose your little nothingness in His infinite All and think only of that All, Who alone is lovable.” Here, then, is a truly efficacious remedy and it has the additional advantage of lifting up our soul while disengaging it. It is a Carmelite recipe, for Therese repeats the teaching of our holy Father John of the Cross who urges us to leave everything behind and to turn lovingly towards God when we meet with difficulties and temptations. Our holy Mother Teresa of Jesus like gave the advice that one should rather contemplate God’s infinite greatness than fix one’s eyes on one’s wretchedness…. (to be continued). 

3rd October 2013
Feast of Our Dear "Little Therese"

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