And Elias, the prophet, stood up, as a fire, and his word burnt like a torch (Ecclesiasticus. 48.1, DRV)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pastors according to God's Heart?


Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost

... Christ... also hath made us fit ministers of the New Testament
(from the Lesson, 2 Cor. 3.4-9).
A certain Samaritan, being on his journey, came near him: and seeing him, was moved with compassion. And going up to him, bound up his wounds, pouring in oil and wine; and setting him upon his own beast, brought him to an inn, and took care of him
(from the Holy Gospel, St. Lk. 10. 23-37).

According to the Fathers, the man spoken of in today's Holy Gospel, who fell among robbers, symbolizes human nature which, in the person of Adam, was entrapped by the devil and despoiled of grace and other supernatural benefits. The wounds of the man represent the injuries inflicted on human kind by original sin, namely, ignorance in the intellect, malice in the will, and concupiscence and infirmities in the lower nature.

The good Samaritan who bound up the wounds of the injured man, pouring in oil and wine, refers to Christ, who in the seven Sacraments has provided remedies against sin and its pernicious consequences. And not only did Our Lord institute these gracious and healing cures for our souls, but He has also through His legitimate ministers provided for their continuance* in the Church until the end of time. But what did Paul VI provide and his lawful successors [except Bergoglio - why, cf., our post "Sagittam Electam - II" on the anomalous "Declaratio" of 'resignation' read by Pope Benedict XVI.] to the mainstream-institutional-Church cut-off by false 'obedience' with the exaggeration that the Pope binds the Church in what he says and does? A "NEW" Rite of 'Blessings' and 'Sacraments' [including the "New M[e]ss" principally "fabricated"** by an infiltrated*** sworn enemy of the Church, Annibale Bugnini - a Freemason, see his work of a Neo-Catholic sanctuary: "The Catholic Sanctuary prefigured of Old - II"] with "INEFFECTIVE**** prayers" (Vatican's Chief Exorcist, in "30 Days" magazine of June 2000). What happened to the 'Old' Sacraments instituted by God Himself, effective no more? The 'great St. John Paul II' had acknowledged that Paul VI's 'liturgy' was "tampered with" (L'Osservatore Romano, 7th Feb. 1981 in our post "Our Lady and the Diabolical Campaign") yet he did not do anything to save Catholics from being poisoned with it!
* The purpose of Abp. Lefebvre why he defied Rome in consecrating auxiliary bishops: to provide traditional Catholic Bishops who were supposed to provide true Roman Catholic priests+ - who in turn will provide the elect with the same always valid AND legitimate effective Sacraments - and valid Confrimation; not to establish a parallel territorial jurisdiction in competition with Rome [as was the case with the Chinese 'Patriotic Church' - and how the hypocritically disoriented Rome dealt with it compared with the venerable Archbishop!] -  why, in the Canon Law of the true Church, the penalty of automatic excommunication could never have been incurred by the Archbishop, then already nearing death, and by those who adhere to him.

+ A "NEW" 'religion' calls for a "NEW" worship ('Mass') which in turn demands "NEW" Protestantized 'priests': cf., "Sign of Desacralization" and Sacerdotes daemoniorum
** Card. Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, in his Preface to the French ed. of Msgr. Gamber's Reform of the Liturgy.

*** See, "Anti-Christian Conspiracy: Scriptural Truth and Historical Fact", "A Perilous 'Catholic' Voyage'" and "The Year 1929"

**** Fr. Gabriel Amorth was referring to the "New" Rite of Exorcism - which is only a sacramental and not a Sacrament - even authorized by Paul VI. If a sacramental was rendered useless - therefore, not providing the remedy expected of it - by its formulae of prayers revised to get it in line with and reflect Neo-Catholicism (cf., the so-called "NEW Catholic THEOlogy" - a new concept of [g]od, "The Ultimate Delusion of Vatican II-Catholicism"), what of the "NEW" Rites of 'Mass', 'Reconciliation', 'Ordinations' and others provided by the same Paul VI?

Thursday, August 28, 2014



Feast of St. Augustine

Saint Augustine is one of the most celebrated Catholic, Father and Doctor of the Church. But his mind was once ensnared by errors which plunged his soul and body into the filth of debauchery and impurity (cf., our post, "Vade Retro Satana!" - on lust and the vice of impurity) - the universal chaos since the revolution wrought by Vatican II in adopting the fundamental principle of Naturalism underlying the Masonic 1789 "Rights of Man". "Therefore, few are saved in comparison to those who are damned." - St. Augustine.

Christian Morality: On the Mortal Sin of "Uncleanness" Among Men (the wasting of the seed of life)


Feast of St. Augustine

"MANY souls go to hell...
because of impurity."
Saint Paul the Apostle teaches in his Epistle to the Galatians that those who do uncleanness... shall not obtain the kingdom of God (5.19,21). Of Old, the unclean man refers to every leper, and whosoever hath an issue of seed [semen], or is defiled by the dead (Num. 5.2). They were excluded from the camp of the Hebrews - in the midst of which was the presence of God through the Ark of the Covenant, a figure fulfilled by the tabernacle placed at the middle of our traditionally exalted Catholic altar. Therefore, in the New Dispensation by the Giver of Life, those from whom the seed of copulation goeth out (Lev. 15.16) into his wife are not condemned unless they hinder ["contraception"] the natural end of issuing semen - that is, the bringing forth of children - and waste the seed of life (cf., Gen. 38.9-10); also not condemned are those who hath an issue of seed out of nocturnal phantasm (cf., Deut. 23.10) unless upon being awakened they fully consented to its concomitant sexual pleasure.

See also: "Vade Retro Satana!" (On Lust and the Vice of Impurity)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Divine Love Condescending: Authentic Catholic "Adaptation"


Feast of the Transverberation of Our Holy Mother Teresa of Jesus

"O my God... we were all created out of love, by love, and with love, so that we might enjoy You... Who are Love.... You give me the lofty ideal of loving him as You Yourself have loved him... And I also, for my neighbor's sake, must leave myself and my love for creatures, and be ready to shed my blood for their salvation if necessary" (St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi).

Charity has no rigid requirements; it does not expect, and even less pretend, that others should adapt themselves to it, but it is always ready to accommodate itself to our brethren. God adapted Himself to us when He became man; yet, we do not know how to come down from the little pedestal of our personality to adapt ourselves to the mentalities, preferences, and needs of our brethren. We excuse ourselves by saying, "They are wrong; they are rude and ungrateful, they do not understand my needs, my sensibilities...." How we deceive ourselves! How petty we are in our demands on others!

Let us look at the Son of God, the Eternal Word, Who did not disdain to put Himself on our level, to the extent of taking on our mortal flesh and living a human life in the midst of us. During His earthly life, He did not choose for His companions intellectual men of refined education; He chose ignorant fishermen of rude mentality, men of simple tastes who knew very little about the refinements of life. He lived with them and adopted their ways quite naturally, without any singularity aside from His unlimited charity.

Certainly, we cannot conform to the desires of our brethren - not even with our superiors - when there is question, however slight, of something in opposition to the honor of God and to all the truths and His Commandments, judgments, and ceremonies handed down to us by Sacred Tradition. To do so in such cases would be culpable weakness. But there are many other occasions when it is simply a matter of not insisting upon our personal feelings, our point of view, our own tastes, but of effacing ourselves, and considering the mentality and tastes of others. Then condescension is solid virtue, and far from being weakness, it is a beautiful proof of moral strength, of that strength which knows how to overcome self and sacrifice its ego for the love of God. Lasting and perfect harmony are possible without this  flexibility which makes us capable of adapting ourselves to our brethren.

A blessed Feast to everyone!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sign of Desacralization


Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

There are diversities of graces... there are diversities of operations, 
but the same God Who worketh all in all
(from the Lesson, 1 Cor. 12.4,6).

In Catholic Tradition, Sacraments are, "by ordinance of God, necessary means of salvation and a plenteous source of spiritual advantage" (The Roman Catechism). By its nature, "a Sacrament," teaches the Holy Church through the words of St. Augustine, "is sign of a sacred thing; or, as it has been expressed [by St. Bernard] in other words of the same import: a visible sign of an invisible grace, instituted [by God] for our justification." Therefore, in its fullest sense, it is "a sensible object which possesses, by divine institution, the power not only of signifying, but also of accomplishing holiness and righteousness." Ordinarily, they are given to us in definite forms of sacred ceremonies, why we are commanded since of Old: These are the precepts, and ceremonies, and judgments, which the Lord your God commanded... that you should do... in the land into which you pass over to possess it (Deut. 6.1).

The Holy Eucharist, the fountain and source of all the other six Sacraments, comes to us in the most sacred of all the Christian ceremonies - the ceremony we have received from the pillars of the Church of Rome, the Apostles St. Peter and St. Paul who claims: We have an altar (Heb. 13.10); that is, the Traditional Rite of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in Latin which Pope St. Pius V decreed ex cathedra to be THE "ordinary" form of Divine Worship, to the exclusion of the "New" one "wish[ed]" for by Paul VI, in all Latin-Rite churches until the end of time.

Now that the ministers - from the highest - have dared changed, since Vatican II, the sacred signs which the unchangeable "Catholic God" ordained in operating His same work of justification and perfection, as:

from Roman Catholic priests like to Moses and the Levites of Old ministering before God face to face (Ex. 33.11) - to Protestant "presiders" who have committed greater abominations... men having their backs turned towards the Lord (Ezech. 8.16);

from Roman Catholic priests like to Moses and the Levites of Old going up to the altar of the true God - to Protestant "presiders" who stand as much as possible on the same 'egalitarian' level with the assembly and presiding at a Masonic-Protestant "table" (cf., our post "The Catholic Sanctuary - II")

from Roman Catholic priests like to the priests of Old donned in royal vestments - to Episcopalian "presiders" in 'Communion Service' attire; and,

from Roman Catholic priests like to the Levites of Old who alone could touch and handle the sacred - to bastard hirelings who have no sense of the holy...

Episcopalian 'Communion Service' ( - made the pattern for the "New Order of 'Mass'"...
... the bastard "New Mass" presided by the antipope Bergoglio clad in Episcopalian costume

it is to them that these things spoken of by the Prophet Isaias especially refer - for these things were done in a figure of us (1 Cor. 10.6): Who required these things at your hands, that you should... offer sacrifice... in vain... The NEW moons, and the sabbaths, and other festivals [the Neo-Catholic 'Liturgical Calendar'] I will not abide, your assemblies are wicked. My soul hateth your new moons, and your solemnities... And when you stretch forth your hands, I will turn away my eyes from you (1.12,13,14,15). Why Our Lord and Savior prophesied that MANY (Mt. 7.22) would claim to be doing validly* His work but never legitimately for: then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from Me, you that work iniquity (Mt. 7.23); cf., our post Priests for the devil. For, Thou wilt accept the Sacrifice of justice... upon Thine altar, O Lord (from the Communion verse, Ps. 50.51,21).
* Sacred Writ therefore belies the Sedevacantist position that the "New Rite" of the 'Mass', of 'Ordinations', and 'Episcopal Consecrations' are, in all cases, outrightly invalid. See our posts on the Sedevacantist delusions: I, II, III

A change in the saving and sanctifying divine designs and operation points no longer to the same God Who worketh (1 Cor. 12.6) with perfection.

And poor Neo-Catholics who, following their proud pastors in contending against God in how the sacred should be administered also, will depart forever into the bitterest fruit of being in indissoluble union with the proud filthy queen of those, deprived of the true Catholic Sacraments, given over to the impurity and debauchery, 'liberty of opinion', avarice, and the rest of the capital sins flooding the grounds of both the so-called 'baptized' and the non-baptized.  

"Let the appointed Sacrifices be offered to Thee, O Lord: which Thou hast granted to be so offered to the honor of Thy Name, that they may themselves become healing remedies unto us. Through Our Lord Jesus Christ... Amen." (from the Secret of the Mass).

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The "Catholic God" of Tender Mercy AND of Just Wrath


Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

God does not only weep when we, like to the adherents of the Synagogue of Satan (Apoc. 2.9;3.9), turn our gaze away from the Truth, fearing that the light which makes us see evil - especially under the subtle appearance of what is good - may ask us for painful sacrifices [of leaving our seemingly impregnable and comfortable Neo-Catholic and Neo-SSPX institutions as our churches, seminaries and monasteries, schools: They that are in Judea... flee to the mountains... wheresoever the Body shall be..., Mt. 24.16.28]. He withdraws His light and His grace and abandons us when we are already far unto the wide 'happy-clappy' road for destruction.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

No 'Disneyworld' with the Catholic God


Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

I have labored with crying... my eyes have failed, whilst I hope in my [Catholic] God... What great troubles hast Thou shown me, many and grievous; and turning, Thou hast brought me back to life, and hast brought me back again from the depths of the earth... Turn not away Thy Face from Thy servant (from the Psalms).

We prove the firmness of our faith by persevering in it in spite of its obscurity; we prove that our hope is strong by continuing to hope in spite of adversity and even when God seems to have abandoned us. As an act of faith made in the midst of darkness and doubts is more meritorious, so is it with the act of hope uttered in desolation and abandonment.

The three Theological Virtues are the most appropriate and fitting means of uniting us to God; in fact, the purer, more intense, and supernatural are our Faith, Hope, and Charity, the more closely they unite us to Him. But to help us reach this point of glorious union with God, He leads us through the crucible of purification. The story of Job is re-enacted in some way in the life of every soul dear to God; he was tried in his property, his children, his own person, deserted by his friends, and ridiculed by his wife. He who had been rich and esteemed, found himself on a dunghill, covered from head to foot with horrible sores. But if God is good, if it is true that He desires our good, why does He permit all this? Why does He let us suffer? For God made not death, says Sacred Writ, neither hath He pleasure in the destruction of the living... It was the wicked who with hands and words invited death (Wis. 1.13-16). Death and suffering are the consequences of sin, which God has not prevented because He has willed to leave man free. And yet not only sinners suffer, but the innocent also. Why? Because God wishes to try them a gold is tried in the furnace, purifying them and raising them to a good, to a state of happiness immeasurably superior to that which the 'Disneyworld' called the Novus Ordo (the "New [Dis]Order" of the Freemasons - secular or Vatican II-sponsored to which the mainstream-SSPX train under Msgr. Fellay is now bound) offers. Thus, God permits the sufferings of the innocent, and even uses the consequences of sin - wars, disorders, social and personal injustices - for the greater good of His elect (reduced to the Scriptural remnant of pockets of "Catholic Resistance").

It is often true, however, that when we are undergoing purification we neither see nor understand the reason for it. God does not account for His actions nor does He reveal His plans to us; therefore, it is difficult to endure in Faith and Hope - difficult, but not impossible, for God never sends us crosses which are beyond are strength, just as He never abandons us unless we first abandon Him.

The least act of Hope, of supernatural trust in God, as with Faith, made in the midst of our present tribulations and sorrows, in a state of interior or exterior desolation, is worth far more than a thousand acts made in times of joy and prosperity. When we are suffering in mind, heart, or body, when we are experiencing the void of abandonment and helplessness - especially even in our endeavor not only to find and posses the Truth but more so to love It, for the apostates and even the 'gang' of Msgr. Fellay (of the institutional-SSPX*) know very well Catholic Theology - when we find ourselves a prey to the repugnances and rebellions of nature which, being catered to by the "New [Dis]Order" of things inside and outside of the institutional mainstream-Church under the banner of the Masonic 'Naturalism',** would like to throw off the yoke of the Lord in the Traditional Catholic Order of things (personal, 'spiritual', and social), we cannot pretend as the Neo-citizens and 'faithfuls' do to have the comforting feeling of hope, of confidence; often we may even experience the opposite sentiment, and yet, even this state we can make acts of Hope and confidence which are not felt but willed. The Theological Virtues are practiced essentially by the will. When they are accompanied by feeling, the practice of them is pleasant and consoling; but, when the act must be made by the will alone, then this exercise is dry and cold, but it is not for this reason of less merit; on the contrary, it is even more meritorious and therefore gives more glory to God. We should not therefore be disturbed if we do not feel confidence; we must will, aided by the Holy Ghost, to have confidence, to will to hope, to hope at any cost, in spite of all the blows God may inflict on us by means of crosses. This is the moment to repeat with Job: Although He should kill me, I will trust in Him (13.15). We must not deceive ourselves, thinking we can go through these tribulations without having to fight against discouragement, against temptations to distrust, and perhaps even to despair; this is the reaction of nature which rebels against that which wounds it.
* The 'Traditionalists' caught up in the comfort and convenience of institutions.
** The fundamental principle behind the 1789 and Vatican II 'Enlightenment' on the so-called 'Rights and Dignity of Man'. '[g]od made me this way; respect and don't judge.'

The good Lord knows our weakness - not in Neo-Catholic sense: sin diluted thus; He pities us as long as we stand in truth before Him. These feelings do not offend God, provided we always try to react by making acts of confidence with our will. Every time a wave of discouragement tries to carry us away, we must react against it by anchoring ourselves in God by a simple movement of trust; even if our spiritual life should be reduced, for certain periods, to this exercise alone, we will not have lost anything but we will have gained much. It is precisely by going through these crosses that we reach the heroic practice of Faith and Hope; and the heroism of the virtues is necessary for the attainment of sanctity.

Monday, August 4, 2014

"Dumb dogs not able to bark"


Feast of St. Dominic
Founder of the Order of Preachers

The Order of Friars Preachers used to be the Church's champion of orthodoxy "par excellence" - until Vatican II when this perverted Council, launched in 1962 by the so-called 'good Pope John XXIII' and championed by the 'great Pope John Paul II', refused to refer anymore to the original "Bible-only" fundamentalists as "heretics" by calling them "Churches" ("Unitatis Redintegratio" or the "Decree on Ecumenism," n. 19) - thus, bestowing on them the dignity fitting only to Christ's true Catholic vineyard (from the Holy Gospel, Jn. 15.1-7, Feast of St. Peter Verona, Dominican Martyr). Vatican II contended in judgment against the Eternal Word Who: 1) would build only the "Church" (Mt. 16.18) - not 'Churches'; 2) condemned the revolters from Catholic communion by heresy as "sects of perdition" (2 Pet. 2.1); all the while the 'champions of orthodoxy' eerily fell silent in the name of 'false obedience': "dumb dogs not able to bark" (Is. 56.10) - the flaming torch in the mouth of God's 'Dalmatian' was extinguished.

The Dominicans (and those of the major religious Orders of the Church: Benedictines, Augustinians, Franciscans, Calced and Discalced Carmelites, the Jesuits) of the so-called "Vatican II-Church" were clearly robbed of their charism: solid refutation of errors. Engaging in the "Bad Romance" of Ecumenism of the pseudo-Church with false religions, they are directed to preach: 'LUV'

Vatican II, by its document "Unitatis Redintegratio" or the so-called 'Decree on Ecumenism', also effectively barred 'empowered lay men and lay women' from rising to the office of Apologist (which is proper only to a cleric - why we call this the "New 'Catholic' DisOrder"). But these "New" 'Catholic Faith Defenders' did not get the message why the so-called "superforce of the anti-Church lodged in the Vatican" (cf., our post, "The Year 1929") "installed" the man Bergoglio (as anti-pope, cf., our post "Saggitam Electam - I" on the canonically anomalous "Declaratio" of 'resignation' by Pope Benedict XVI) who did not mince words: "Proselytism is a solemn nonsense" (in "La Reppublica," 1 Oct. 2013). Will they finally 'obey' their 'pontifex' as they would have us in the Catholic Resistance do?

To those who would like to discern a true Dominican vocation, see our Traditional Catholic "Vocations" section on the left-side bar of our webpage.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Our Riches


Eighth Sunday after Pentecost

Today, again, as at last Sunday, St. Paul, in the Epistle of the Mass (Rom. 8.12-17), compares the two lives which always struggle within us: the life of the old man, slave to sin and the passions, from which come the fruits of death, and that of the new man, the servant, or better, the child of God, producing fruits of life. If you live according to the flesh, you shall die, but if, by the Spirit, you mortify the deeds of the flesh, you shall live. The Traditional Sacrament of Baptism has begotten us to the life of the spirit, but it has not suppressed the life of the flesh in us; the new man must always struggle against the old man, the spiritual must fight against the corporeal. Baptismal grace does not excuse us from this battle - contrary to the un-Scriptural teaching of the 'Bible-only' sectarians who claim they were already saved - but it gives us the power to sustain it. We must be thoroughly convinced of this so that we will not be deceived or disturbed if, after many years of living a spiritual life, certain passions, which we thought we had subdued forever, revive in us. Unfortunately, to the perdition of so many in the "New 'Order'", driven as they were by their very own pastors corrupted, if not outrightly perverted, in the school of the so-called "New 'Catholic THEOlogy'" this battle has been de-Catholicized by way of 'appreciation' of the Masonic school of 'naturalism' (anathematized by Pope Leo XIII in his volley against the partisans of the Synagogue of Satan, the Encyclical Humanum genus).

But this battle is our earthly condition: The life of man on earth is a warfare (Job 7.1), so much so that the Lord and Savior said: The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence (Mt. 11.12). But this continual struggle should not frighten us; for grace has made us children of God, and as such, we have every right to count on His paternal help. You have not received the spirit of bondage again in fear, says St. Paul, but you have received the spirit of adoption of sons, whereby we cry: Abba, Father. To increase our belief in this great truth, he adds, The Spirit Himself giveth testimony to our spirit, that we are the sons of God - not conformed to the principles and maxims, tastes and fashions, hopes and aspirations, delights and consolations of this world (Rom. 12.2). The Spirit of Truth, our greatest Treasure being the "Highest Gift Divine," is in us who entertain not the delusion of becoming a part of Satan's reign - the Novus Ordo or the "New 'Order'", whether secular or Vatican II-sponsored.

Today's Holy Gospel (Lk. 16.1-9) teaches us by means of a parable - which at first sight seems a little disconcerting - how to be wise in administering the great riches of our supernatural life of grace. When the Lord and Master spoke this parable, He certainly had no intention of praising the conduct the of the unjust steward - a figure of the Neo-Catholic and Neo-SSPX pastors - who, after wasting his master's goods during his stewardship, continued to steal even when he learned that he was to be discharged. However, the Sovereign Lord and Master did not praise him for the clever way he made sure of his own future. The lesson of the parable hinges on this point: The children of this world are wiser in their generation than the children of light. And I say unto you: Make unto you friends of the mammon of iniquity; that when you shall fail, they may receive you into everlasting dwellings. The Saviour exhorts the children of light not to be less shrewd in providing for their eternal interests than the children of darkness are in assuring for themselves the goods of the earth.

We also, like the steward in the parable, have received from God a patrimony to administer, that is, our natural gifts, and more importantly, our supernatural gifts, and all the graces, holy enlightenment and inspirations, and promptings especially to the Truth in the domain of "Catholic Resistance" which demands going that extra mile of sacrifice to the mountains (Mt. 24.16), to our modern 'catacombs': as the Apocalyptic eagles (Mt. 24.28) who possess that very keen eye for Him Who Is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (Jn. 14.6), gathered together... wheresoever the Body shall be (Mt. 24.28). The hour for rendering an account will come for us too, sooner or later, and we shall have to admit that we have often been unfaithful, negligent, and stubborn in insisting for our narrow human ways of 'processing' in trafficking with the gifts of God, in making the treasures of grace fructify in our soul. 

How can we atone for our mis-, rather, maladministration? We must pay our debts to God by charity for Sacred Writ teaches us, Charity covereth a multitude of sins (1 Pet. 4.8). This does not mean material charity alone, but also spiritual charity and not in great things only, but in little ones too - yes, even in the very least things for the honor and glory of God and the eternal salvation of souls. These little acts of charity are the riches by which we pay our debts and put in order "our stewardship."


Salvation is in the "Blood of the Lamb"

Apocalypse XIV now unfolding (cf., our posts "The Wine of the Wrath of God" and "After Pope Benedict XVI, the 'Last' Roman Pontiff?"). The divine chastisement of world-wide conflagration (Lk. 17.29-30, cf., our post "Our Lady, Vatican II Disorientation, and the Annihilation of Many Nations") to annihilate the 'super-power' and cities and nations drunk with the wine of its immodesty, impurity, fornication, homosexuality, and blasphemies (Apoc. 14.8) is imminent - the close of our end-times period (distinct from the consummation of the world, Mt. 28.20).

They... have made them white in the Blood of the Lamb
(Apoc. 7.14) ... All things... are cleansed with Blood: and without shedding of Blood there is no remission (Heb. 9.22).

The Blood of the [Divine] Lamb can be availed of in the traditional Rite of the Sacrament of Penance (cf., our post "On Concealing Sins in Confession") and of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist (the Traditional Latin Mass). Go to our traditional Catholic Mass Centers (links on the left-side bar of this site). Flee to the mountains... (Mt. 24.16).

See also the Messages and Appeals (on the upper right-side bar) of the Apocalyptic Woman in her title of Our Lady of Fatima.