And Elias, the prophet, stood up, as a fire, and his word burnt like a torch (Ecclesiasticus. 48.1, DRV)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Sagittam Electam" (I)


Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist

The Lord... hath made my mouth like a sharp sword....
and hath made me as a chosen arrow
(from the Introit of the Mass, Is. 49.1,2; Ps. 91.2).

St. John the Baptist did not only prepare the way of the Lord and Savior but also pointed to and introduced the true promised Messias - He Who takes away the sins of the world: Ecce, Agnus Dei Qui tollis peccata mundi.

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The "Declaratio" of 'resignation' read by Pope Benedict XVI itself proves that his cowardly act was rather scripted - as was the so-called "last" public Papal 'Consecration to the Immaculate Heart' by Pope John Paul II, cf., our post "When Mary Comes (III)". It was ANOMALOUSLY declared: ".... libertate declaro me ministerio EPISCOPI ROMAE.... renuntiare..." That is, what was only renounced was a MINISTRY and not the OFFICE - even this, that of the Bishop of Rome which is limited, does not necessarily mean the OFFICE OF THE POPE which in turn is universal and supreme in jurisdiction (why, when the Pope speaks only in his capacity as Bishop of Rome, the condition of speaking with Papal Infallibility is denied) : as Pope, he becomes ALSO the Bishop of Rome ---

1) If the Bishopric of Rome was renounced, there would have been no need to state the renunciation of its ministry - common sense apprehends this.

2) Nay, the Pope cannot renounce the functions and all the effects of his office and yet imply that he still retains the right to the office - an absurdity only in the pseudo-Church of Vatican II.

3) Now, if it were the Office of the Pope that was truly renounced, everything else attached to it (as also being the Bishop of Rome and everything else attached to this...) follows! That it did not concern the Office of the Pope is further proved by this statement: "... Ministerio Episcopi Romae... mihi per manus Cardinalium... COMMISSO..." The "ministry of the Bishop of Rome" was, in the "New" [Dis]Order of Vatican II, a mandate to him by the scarlet colored beast (Apoc. 17.3): the 'Cardinals' a large majority of whom are, by their ring, 'Ecclesiastical Freemasons'; whereas, the Office of the Pope, though it is the Cardinals who elect to it the Successor of St. Peter, remains a divine right - the King of kings and Lord of lords confers to the elect the powers of the Office upon his free acceptance of the charge.  

As to the purported reason for the 'resignation': ".... Vigor... in me modo tali minuitur...." - his appearance, concelebrating, at the post-Conciliar ceremony of 'exemplifying' Popes John XXIII and John Paul II to the 'liberalist' Protestantized Neo-Catholic 'world' belies an 'incapacitatingly' ("incapacitatem meam") 'deterioration of strength'. His last public address in his retirement place did not prove to be "the last time that he would be seen in public."

Pope Benedict XVI, in not willingly and freely renouncing formally the Office, remains, before the eyes of God, the visible head of Catholic Church.  And 'Pontifex' Bergoglio after all this - Ecce! A charlatan indeed - an antipope - installed by the gang of 'Ecclesiastical Freemasons' (see related post: The powers of heaven shall be moved) to 'take away the remaining traditional vestiges of the Catholic Papal Monarch'.

See how the anti-pope Bergoglio finally betrayed the son of the devil that he is: "'Pontifex' to the Catholic Christ: 'Thou art an embarrassment.'"

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Salvation is in the "Blood of the Lamb"

Apocalypse XIV now unfolding (cf., our posts "The Wine of the Wrath of God" and "After Pope Benedict XVI, the 'Last' Roman Pontiff?"). The divine chastisement of world-wide conflagration (Lk. 17.29-30, cf., our post "Our Lady, Vatican II Disorientation, and the Annihilation of Many Nations") to annihilate the 'super-power' and cities and nations drunk with the wine of its immodesty, impurity, fornication, homosexuality, and blasphemies (Apoc. 14.8) is imminent - the close of our end-times period (distinct from the consummation of the world, Mt. 28.20).

They... have made them white in the Blood of the Lamb
(Apoc. 7.14) ... All things... are cleansed with Blood: and without shedding of Blood there is no remission (Heb. 9.22).

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