And Elias, the prophet, stood up, as a fire, and his word burnt like a torch (Ecclesiasticus. 48.1, DRV)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013



Solemnity of the Feast of St. Joseph
Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Patron of the Universal Church

... You have dishonored Me (Jn. 8.49, from the Holy Gospel for the previous Sunday, First Sunday of the Passion)

Pope Benedict XVI had ordered the Novus Ordo "table" set up in the Sistine Chapel taken out. But his successor, Pope Francis, turned the Chapel again as if it were an Anglican/Episcopalian one for his first public Novus Ordo 'Mass' after his election.

The picture below shows the sanctuary of a Roman Catholic cathedral in Scotland long overtaken by the Protestant sectarians. They did not destroy the ornate high altar (obviously for the preservation of an artistic "relic" - the same put forward by the Novus Ordo authorities), background, but set up their          "[l]ord's table", foreground, the new focus of the congregation. Mr. Mark Strange was "presiding" as 'bishop' (take a close look also at his vestment and compare it with the purple chasuble the newly-elect Pope wore for his second public Novus Ordo 'service' at the Sta. Ana Church).

No, not the bastard 'M[e]ss' of the Freemason Bugnini [cf., our post "The Catholic Sanctuary Prefigured in the O.T. (II)"] and held to be the "norm" [Summorum Pontificum of Pope Benedict XVI] in the post-Vatican II parishes, seminaries, monasteries and convents. The  Protestant "Commemorative Supper" presided by Mr. Mark Strange as Episcopalian chief minister in the St. Andrew's Cathedral Inverness Scotland. 

The Same Mr. Strange in a plain Protestant chasuble (notice the collar pattern with that of Pope Francis' 'SIMPLISTIC' Episcopalian-style chasuble in his first public Novus Ordo 'service' at the Sistine Chapel). Pope Francis: "I want a POOR Church... [?]

Pope Francis donned in a 'SIMPLISTIC' purple Anglican/Episcopalian-style chasuble (compare with the presider's at the St. Andrew's Cathedral, first image above) at his second public Neo-Catholic 'Mass' in Sta. Ana Church.


Pope Francis and the "Real Presence" of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar? 

How does the priest of the Lord profess, by the way  he elevates the chalice after Consecration, the Real Presence of Jesus even in the small particles of the host he already previously consecrated which have adhered to the tips of his thumbs and index fingers? Pope Francis 'presiding' at his second public Neo-Catholic 'Mass' in Sta. Ana Church.

Pope Francis on the 'Holy Spirit': "... Like to an apostle of Babel"

In his first address to the College of Cardinals, the newly elected Roman Pontiff who happens to be a [Neo-]'Jesuit' referred to the 'Holy Spirit' "IN the [Neo-]Church" as an "apostle" and "of Babel" at that. But we confess at THE Sacred Traditional Catholic Mass - "the norm [therefore, the ordinary] in perpetuity" (Pope St. Pius V): "Credo... in Spiritum Sanctum Dominum...!" The Holy Ghost IS Lord and Master! Though the Holy Father's reference is by way of a comparison, this Neo-Catholic comparison is skewed. The orthodox Catholic Confession continues: "Qui locutus est per Prophetas" ("Who spoke through the Prophets"). The Word of Truth teaches us the office and function of God's Prophet who stands in the place of God - to be His mind, eyes [cf., our post "'Finding' and 'Proving' One's Self?"], and mouth - in the midst of the people: [to lay] open thy iniquity, to excite thee to penance (Lam. 2.14). The Word of Truth made flesh categorically teaches of the office and function of the Spirit of Truth (Jn. 14.17) speaking "through [His] Prophets": And when He Is come: He will convince the world of sin, and of justice, and of judgment (Jn. 16.8) [cf., our posts "Sin and Its Malice" Part I and Part II]. The Spirit of Truth does not strike a point where the differences borne out of pride in Babel could be harmonized or reconciled: it is true that there are legitimate differences in THE Catholic Church, charisms, for one, as pointed out by the Holy Father; however, these are incomparable with the differences caused by the pride of Babel - these are actually comparable with the differences in the pseudo-Church or the Neo-Catholic Order, the Novus Ordo, of Vatican II [the City of Satan is a house of division: each to his own invention] which, in turn, has set itself in contradiction to the Traditional Catholic Order: reason tells us that between two contradictories, there can never be a point where they are reconcilable. Rather, the Spirit of Truth convicts consciences: are they subject to God's Order in Jesus Christ, and Him Crucified (1 Cor. 2.20) - He will convince... of justice - which translates to acting in entire and complete adherence to the teachings and moral and liturgical discipline established by Christ Himself through the consistent pronouncements and decrees of the Holy See (with the occupant of the Chair allowed material contradictions only, not a formal contradiction) - He will convince... of judgment. Either one is set by the Spirit of Truth to being more and more in harmony with  the Plan and Order of God in Jesus Christ, and Him Crucified or, by the spirit of Babel, against it!


A Simple Pope?

Pope Francis at the Inaugural ceremony. Compare his chasuble with that of an Anglican chief minister below.
The Anglican chief minister at Ballarat in Australia. 

Pope Francis wants "a poor Church."

St. Therese of the Infant Jesus and of the Holy Face teaches us that "sanctity consists in being what God wants us to be" (Story of a Soul, Bk I, Ch. 1). Thus, St. Francis, guided by the same Spirit of Truth Who enlightened our "Little Therese," never had the temerity of a Waldo to propose his example to be the ideal of the Church as a faithful witness to the Gospel when the Mystical Body of Christ is set to reign with her Lord and Master Who reigns majestically: The Lord hath reigned, He is clothed with beauty (Ps. 92.1 - Ch. and v. according to the Sacred Latin Vulgate Bible which Bp. Challoner's revision of the Douay-Rheims Bible follows). The Eternal Word has prefigured how He would arraign His royal priests - to distinguish them from the priests serving at the altars of the devil - especially His Vicar, the "Summus Pontifex": ... He girded him [the High Priest] with a glorious girdle, and clothed Him with a robe of glory, and crowned him with majestic attire... He gave him a holy robe of gold, and blue, and purple... of twisted scarlet the work of an artist, with precious stones cut and set in gold... And a crown of gold [the Pope in his inauguration refused also the crown of the Sovereign Pontiff - the Papal tiara]... an ornament of honor: a work of power... No stranger was ever clothed with them, but only his children alone, and his grandchildren for ever (Ecclus., Sir. in non-Catholic versions, 45.9,12,13,14,16 - Ch. and vv. following the Sacred Latin Vulgate Bible).

A Traditional Papal Solemn Mass at the sanctuary of St. Peter's Basilica then like to a court of a king.
In the sanctuary have I come before Thee, to see Thy... glory.... and majesty (Ps. 62.3; 95.6) 

The Lord has place[d] him with princes, with the princes of his people (Ps. 112.8), in fact the very prince among them. Humility, which makes one simple, is a supernatural disposition which inclines him to take his proper place before God and no other. Therefore, St. Therese says that "humility is truth." To cut off what is superfluous is not the same thing as to do away with the resplendence of the divine majesty upon and through the Church, especially in her divine worship. Archbishop Fulton Sheen understood, in one of his works, "The Priest Is Not His Own" - even more so is the ruler of the House of God.

Sancte Ioseph,
constitutus esse dominus domus Dei et princeps omnis possessionis Eius,
intercede pro nobis!

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