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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Christian Morality: On the Mortal Sin of "Uncleanness" Among Men (the wasting of the seed of life)


Feast of St. Augustine

"MANY souls go to hell...
because of impurity."
Saint Paul the Apostle teaches in his Epistle to the Galatians that those who do uncleanness... shall not obtain the kingdom of God (5.19,21). Of Old, the unclean man refers to every leper, and whosoever hath an issue of seed [semen], or is defiled by the dead (Num. 5.2). They were excluded from the camp of the Hebrews - in the midst of which was the presence of God through the Ark of the Covenant, a figure fulfilled by the tabernacle placed at the middle of our traditionally exalted Catholic altar. Therefore, in the New Dispensation by the Giver of Life, those from whom the seed of copulation goeth out (Lev. 15.16) into his wife are not condemned unless they hinder ["contraception"] the natural end of issuing semen - that is, the bringing forth of children - and waste the seed of life (cf., Gen. 38.9-10); also not condemned are those who hath an issue of seed out of nocturnal phantasm (cf., Deut. 23.10) unless upon being awakened they fully consented to its concomitant sexual pleasure.

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  1. The Word of God, both written and unwritten (2 Thess. 2.14), teaches us truth and in doing so is not obliged to contain it in a term (as "masturbation" for example) - this is a Protestant folly (Sacred Writ in the original of Acts 20.28 gives the term "episkopoi", that is, "bishops" as the ones placed by the Spirit of Truth to rule the Church; yet they insist on the pagan "overseer").

    The seed of life is by Natural Law (the Divine Law implanted in nature) intended by the Sovereign Lord and Creator for procreation - man's participation in the life-giving power proper only to God. To use it otherwise that not only frustrates His design for it but even supplants Him as Master of life? This is why it is mortal.

    Those drunk with Masonic 'naturalism' deny original sin, therefore it is only a natural bodily craving rather than the uncleanness of a filthy humor of concupiscence.


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