And Elias, the prophet, stood up, as a fire, and his word burnt like a torch (Ecclesiasticus. 48.1, DRV)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

"In virtue of our Apostolic authority..."


Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul

When the Sovereign Pontiff speaks "ex cathedra,"* it is Our Lord speaking in a solemn manner: "he who heareth you, heareth Me" (Lk. 10.16). Pope St. Pius V decreed "ex cathedra" that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated in Latin according to its Traditional Rite (our Traditional Latin Mass) is "the NORM [therefore "THE ORDINARY form" throughout the Western Church - the so-called "Roman Rite"; distinct from the Oriental Rite or the Eastern Church] IN PERPETUITY" (Papal Bull "Quo primum"). And when Our Lord speaks, He can never contradict Himself - just as there can never be contradiction in the Truth. But Pope Benedict XVI in his "Summorum Pontificum" speaks no longer of our Traditional Latin Mass but of the New 'Mass' - "a fabrication," according to the same PBXVI as Card. Ratzinger of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), by a Freemason in ecclesiastical trapping (Annibale Bugnini) - to be the "ORDINARY FORM" [therefore THE NORM].
* Literally, "from the Chair," that is, from the Chair of St. Peter, cf., the Chair of Moses - referred to by Our Lord in Mt. 23.2 - on which the scribes and the Pharisees had sitten so that what they teach, pronounce, and ordain "ex cathedra" were to be obeyed though they were, generally, hypocrites and brood of vipers.

How do we solve the contradiction? Pope Benedict XVI spoke of the "fabricated liturgy" (the New 'Mass' that has been the norm since 1969) as "THE ORDINARY FORM" IN the "Novus Ordo" or the Neo-Catholic Church, NOT IN the Catholic Church bound as she is to observe the Bull "Quo primum" for all ages to come; for, if Catholic principle has it that the Mass is the foundation of the Church - and Martin Luther, the father of "Bible-only" sectarians, declared that to destroy the Church, it is necessary to destroy the Mass - it follows therefore that a New 'Catholic Church' must have a New 'Mass' for its foundation. PBXVI spoke not as the Sovereign Pontiff decreeing "ex cathedra" but as mere tiara*-less figure-head of a "New Ecclesiastical Reality" - one that "resembles the Church but was not the real thing," says Dr. Bella Dodd, ex-Secretary-General of the US Communist Party who converted to the Catholic Church in her voluminous testimony before the US Congress and in her lecture at the Fordham University in the late 1950s on the attempted subversion of the Church from within by infiltrated Masonic and Communist "Anti-Apostles" in "sheep's clothing" (cf., our post "The Year 1929"). Proof: he did not specifically claim that what he ordered was "in virtue of our Apostolic authority" - he knew that he would be contradicting the edict of Our Lord through Pope St. Pius V therefore he left out the said phrase. As such, his "Summorum Pontificum", which the Vatican of New Orientation published to be an 'Apostolic Letter' yet DEFECTIVE IN FORM, can not be considered as a valid, nay legitimate, "Actum Sanctae Sedis" (Act of the Holy See) - which must always be for the honor and glory of God and of His Church, and the salvation of souls.
*The tiara is that traditional crown the Pope wears as symbol of his sovereign office - that of Vicar of Christ the King holding dominion over all peoples and princes and kings of the earth, cf. Ps. 21.29. This Papal crown was surrendered by Pope Paul VI to the UN, cf., our post "The Great Tribulation".
The 'Conservatives' (the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter or the FSSP, the Institute of Christ the King, and the other 'traditionalist' communities under the "Ecclesia Dei" Commission of the Vatican of New Orientation) and, now, the institutional SSPX all agree IN PRINCIPLE that the "fabricated liturgy" - Card. Ratzinger-turned-Pope Benedict XVI referring to the New M[e]ss of Bugnini that has become "the ordinary form" in parishes, 'seminaries' and 'convents' since 1969 - was valid and "legitimately promulgated[!]" No, the New M[e]ss was never "legitimately promulgated" - as the Superior General of the institutional SSPX now says to his priests in his March bulletin "Cor Unum" of March 2013: Pope Paul VI did not bind the Roman (Latin) Rite Church to this rite of worship of a Neo-Christ (cf., our posts "The Ultimate Delusion of Vatican II 'Catholicism'" and "Pope Francis Speaks of the New 'Gospel' of 'Universal Salvationism'") "in virtue of our Apostolic authority" but stated merely "We WISH ["volumus" in the original Latin] ...;" then the Vatican Press Bureau forgery in the translations of Pope Paul VI's "Missale Romanum": "In conclusion, we WISH to GIVE THE FORCE OF LAW to all that we have set forth concerning the New Missal" whereas, the original Latin document only states: "Concerning all that we have just set forth regarding the New Roman Missal, We are now PLEASED to end WITH A CONCLUSION" (cf., our post Obey God, rather than men).

Woe to him who gainsays his Maker! (Is. 45.9)

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