And Elias, the prophet, stood up, as a fire, and his word burnt like a torch (Ecclesiasticus. 48.1, DRV)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fellayite 'Rosary Crusade' Gone Diabolical


Feast of the Holy Family

Let her rejoice who bore thee 
(from the Introit of the Mass, Prov. 23.25).

The Superior General (SG) of the Neo-SSPX launched a "Rosary Crusade" asking the Mother of God also for "the return of Tradition WITHIN the Church" (original French, Neo-SSPX DICI), "return TO Tradition WITHIN the Church" (English sites). But the true Church [stands] fast and [holds] the traditions... learned [from the Apostles WHOLE and ENTIRE]. (2 Thess. 2.14). The true Church is confused with the MAINSTREAM (the SG implies that the true Church is determined by the numbers and the externals of ubiquitously massive buildings) who hast the name of being alive and... dead (Apoc. 3.1), walking disorderly and not according to the traditions which they have received... (2 Thess. 3.6) - who "subscribe ALSO" (Pope Paul VI) to 'RESPECT' for the 1789 "Rights of Man" (as the 'liberty of opinion and conscience: each man to his own 'truth'; therefore, must advocate the Masonic proposition condemned "ex cathedra" by Bl. Pope Pius IX in the "Syllabus of Errors": the Church and the State should be separate)! 


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