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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pope Benedict XVI on the New 'Mass': Outbalanced Liturgy - More a celebration than worship


Second Sunday after Pentecost

In his Corpus Christi homily last Thursday [the Feast has been transferred to this Sunday in the Novus Ordo - the New 'Catholic Order'] at the Lateran Basilica in Rome, our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, admitted that there are "incomplete visions of the Mystery [of the Holy Eucharist]" behind the Novus Ordo Missae, or the New 'Mass' designed by the Freemason Bugnini and which Pope Paul VI "wish[ed]" to be celebrated. Categorically, the Roman Pontiff underscored that " it is a mistake to oppose celebration and adoration, as if they were in competition with one another" and how Vatican II [dis-]orientation "has penalized this dimension[of "Eucharistic worship, in particular adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament"]."

"... A mistake..." As we have already pointed out in our post, "First Fatima Message (I): A Penitential Life...," the Novus Ordo Missae was erroneously conceived. Defined in Pope Paul VI's Institutio Generalis according as the Lutherans understood it (not as the Council of Trent dogmatically defined it): "The Lord's Supper or Mass is the assembly or meeting of the People of God, met together with a priest presiding, to celebrate the Memorial of the Lord." While the "Memorial" being celebrated is not anymore according to the Scriptural literal sense of the Victim's sacrificial death being made present and renewed (see Exodus to Deuteronomy in the Old Testament on the perpetual mandate of the ritual sacrifice of life in memorial of the Passover - which sacrifice was but a figure of the perpetual ritual sacrifice of the Lamb of God on the Catholic high-altar (cf., "We have an altar..."), that is, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, for the honor and glory of God and for the salvation of souls -  but a  narrative; at the same time, a proclamation not of the death of the Lord until He comes but of the New "Paschal Mystery" where the Cross is not totally blotted out of the picture but relegated to an edge*  in the Anamnesis of the New 'Mass': "Christ has died, Christ is risen [the central Mysterium Fidei (the "mystery of faith")], Christ will come again [though Christ's Resurrection - a 'victory of love' calling for a grand celebration - is central, then again 'don't remain static on it; look ahead, move forward to the grandest celebration still yet to be experienced (how Modernist it is!).]" If just a single dogmatic error in religion leads one to the worship of devils (being deceived with error thou adore strange gods, and serve them, Deut. 30.17 - only the DRV translates thus), what of a conceptual "mistake" of the very rite of 'worship' itself? The New 'Missal', devised as it was by those who had chosen to be led by the spirit of error and therefore containing as it does in its formulary 'prayers' the erroneous concept of the Mass, needs not be revised - a futile exercise: just as one does not insist on a traditional Catholic discipline in a system designed in principle to be Catholicism subverted - but for the Sovereign Pontiff, who is also the visible High Priest of the New Covenant, to have the sacrilegious Novus Ordo Missae abolished and anathematized, with the equally sacrilegious New 'Missal' burned.
*  Just as the Real Presence of Christ - if there is still the Real Presence - in the tabernacle has ceased to occupy the centrally exalted position in the Sanctuary but pushed aside and even out of the Neo-Catholic parish churches to be kept in a "Perpetual Adoration Chapel" where lay people, except their "presider", could adore.**

** But it is written: In the sanctuary have I come before Thee, to see Thy power and Thy glory... Adore ye the Lord in His holy court (Ps. 62.3; 95.9).

"... Penalized [the dimension] of Eucharistic worship..." A subtle admission then that the spirit of Vatican II, which breathes the New 'Catholic Theology' (cf., "The Ultimate Delusion of Vatican II 'Catholicism'") to be the soul of the New Liturgical Celebration,  is radically at 'theological' odds with the divine Spirit Who authored the Traditional Rite of Worship. Entering the temple of God (cf., Pope Paul VI in his 'famous' speech of June 1972 at the Lombard College in Rome, cf., "Our Lady and the Diabolical Campaign") without having been authoritatively and decisively resisted and exorcised, this spirit succeeded in suppressing the Divine Worship and even dared fulminate with incredibly indecisive sanctions of 'excommunication' or the 'irregular canonical status' of 'partially' in communion with the Holy See' - exercising an 'illegitimate priestly ministry' - against those who, faithful to the true God who called them for the divine service, would claim that his cult is nothing but a "bastard[ly]" pretentious rite and insist that the Eucharistic Worship which Catholic generations knew well until 1969  is "the norm [therefore, "the ordinary form"]... in perpetuity" (cf., "The Traditional Latin Mass...").

Finally, Pope Benedict XVI notes that "the worship of the Most Blessed Sacrament is as the spiritual 'environment' in which the community can celebrate the Eucharist well and in truth." Our Holy Father must have been alluding to his earlier statement, as Cardinal Ratzinger, in his autobiography, on the Neo-Catholic 'Liturgy': "the community is only celebrating itself without its being worthwhile to do so."

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