And Elias, the prophet, stood up, as a fire, and his word burnt like a torch (Ecclesiasticus. 48.1, DRV)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

'Trouble-Maker' Prophet


Feast of the Prophet Elias
Father and Prophet of the Order of the Virgin
Art thou he that troublest Israel? (3 Ki. 18.17)

The Teresian Carmelite Order which was the only one to have been privileged in having its title decorated with the Holy Name of Mary, the "Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel", does not only exude the exquisite sweetness, fragrance, and beauty of the Immaculata but knows also how, like its Venerable Prophet on Mount Carmel, to [stand] up, as a fire, and the Word in them [burning] like torch (Ecclus. 48.1). There were those who reacted against our making ourselves known as the Teresian Carmel or the Discalced Carmelites when we are in no way 'official' - not in 'full' communion with Rome, according to the ridiculous sense [for one is only either with or against the Lord and, as with any defectible human element of the Church, Rome is now found again as when its first Pontiff contradicted the Cross (cf., Mt. 16.22-23) and the Gospel of the Truth (cf., Gal. 2.11-21) - pursuing  even leading the path of "diabolical disorientation" (Our Lady of Fatima) : towards the "one-world religion" of the "New World disOrder" promoted by the tentacles of the Synagogue of Satan (Apocalypse 2.9; 3.9), namely, Freemasonry and Communism; a god of falsehood : source and one-author/'great architect' of self-contradicting conflicting creeds and a new Christ (head and body - his new 'liberal Modernist' Vatican II-'Church') uncrowned and unadored triumphalist Tridentine King of kings and Lord of lords (Apoc. 19.16)] of the propagandists and mere lay 'commentators' of the so-called "NEW 'Catholic THEOlogy'" - and 'critical' of the Popes of Vatican II; now, holding, as with that taunting jest (3 Ki. 18.27) which the great Prophet of Carmel directed against the pseudo-prophets of the devil, that man Bergoglio as possibly the greatest antipope* jerk to have ever laid his impious hands, bedecked with the rainbow-colored flag of those awaiting the recompense God once rained down upon Sodom and Gomorrah (cf., Lk. 17-29-30), on the Chair of St. Peter. Indeed, the Carmel that they know is swept off of what Carmelite is for, following the Vatican of 'ecumenical' "disorientation" into integration with the Masonic "New World Order", it is rubbed off first of what is Catholic [according to the three essential elements that make up the definition of the word] - "to be a Carmelite, one must first of course be Catholic" (Fr. Jerome of the Mother of God, C.D.). On a parenthetical note, it is very amusing how, even in Tradition, whenever an attempt is made to distinguish Carmel from the other Orders, priests and laymen misunderstand what the spirit and charism that is properly Carmelite; as it is written, the great Prophet of Carmel, misunderstood thus: Art thou he that troublest Israel? (3 Ki. 18.17), madest successors after [him] (Ecclus. 48.8).
* Cf., our post Saggitam Electam - I on the "Declaratio" of 'resignation' read by Pope Benedict XVI

"Who am I to judge?"
It is written in the Book of the Apocalypse that the Prophet Elias will return to oppose also the Antichrist to his face - the seventh and last age of the Church who would be reproved and threatened for halt[ing] between (3 Ki. 17.21) the true God and the last neo-god: I would thou wert cold or hot but because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of My mouth (3. 16-17) - so it is with us in this "dress-rehearsal" (Bp. Williamson) for that period of the Antichrist: against the Conciliar Popes who played the dum[b]y High Priest Urias (against whom the great Prophet of Carmel must have first meant God's rebuke: How long do you halt between two sides, 3 Ki. 18.21) who, even exceeding Urias who built altars for the devil at the command of perverted Achaz (cf., 4 Ki. 16.11), themselves presided at the Neo-Catholic Protestantized "tables" to serve, with a sacrilegious simulated Mass (the so-called "New 'Mass'" or the Novus Ordo Missae of evident Anglican flavor), the Neo-Christ and the 'ecumenical' [g]od concocted by their Neo-Catholic school of Teilhard's delusional 'theologism'; and, against the incumbent precursor of the Antichrist "in Pope's slippers" (Padre Pio, who originally referred to Paul VI as a "Freemason in Pope's slippers.") and rainbow colors of the filthy queen of Sodomites - the devil. For there came in my heart as a burning fire, shut up in my bones, and I was wearied, not being able to bear it  (Jer. 20.9). Therefore, with zeal have I been zealous for the Lord God of hosts: for the children of Israel... have thrown down Thy altars! (3 Ki. 19.10)

A blessed Feast to everyone!         

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