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Friday, June 12, 2015

Big Slap on Sedevacantism


Octave Day of Corpus Christi - Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of 
the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

The Eucharistic Miracle at Buenos Aires, Argentina

Flesh of Heart @ Lanciano, Italy
"The Flesh is a muscle of the heart of a Man receiving torturous beatings - alive still, moving and beating, after five years when taken to California laboratories in the US when normally it dies after 15 minutes: same with the Eucharistic Flesh at Lanciano, Italy subjected to re-examination in the 70s."

Scientific findings:

The Sacred Host was consecrated at a "Novus Ordo" (New 'Catholic' DisOrder") 'Mass' - the Protestantized 'Mass' in "loud... vulgar language" (condemned "ex cathedra" by Pope Pius VI in his Bull "Auctorem Fidei") : the "tampered" (Pope John Paul II) and "fabricated" (Pope Benedict XVI) 'Mass' of a Freemason in ecclesiastical trappings (cf., "The Catholic Sanctuary Prefigured of Old - II") since Vatican II (1962-1965). This flatly belies the Sedevacantist 'dogma' that all "Novus Ordo" 'Masses' (as with the "New" Rites of 'Episcopal Consecration' and 'Ordinations') are outrightly invalid. However, St. Thomas Aquinas distinguishes a valid AND legitimate* Mass - as the Traditional Latin Mass is - from a valid BUT NOT legitimate 'Mass' (the service of the schismatic Orthodox, the 'Black Mass' of the Satanists, and the "New" 'Mass' of 1969 WHENEVER it is validly confected only) in that in the latter, Our Lord is present but He does not give blessings and graces (rather, maledictions: cf., 1 Cor. 11.29) for I was profaned in the midst of them (Ezech. 22.26): cf., "Practical 'Catholicism'"
* Licit - that is, acceptable before God because the whole of the Rite is His design with no minutest element coming from His enemies mixed with It or not offered by those who stand not in the Truth and cut off from It as the apostates, heretics, and schismatics.

A most blessed Feast to everyone!

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